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Dream Job.png is holding a contest for The Office Dream Job.

The Job: Watch ALL 9 seasons of The Office in 9 days. As you’re watching, you’ll need to complete a checklist that tallies the number of common tropes that occur throughout each episode.

The Pay: $1000 USD

The Deadline: March 16, 2020, 5 PM MST

Below is my application.

Am I the biggest fan of The Office?


  • I am an Elder Millennial, sitting pleasantly on the cusp of that and Gen Xers. Basically, this means I am perfect for all things. #igetallthethings #hashtags4life
  • I saw a bear near my house THIS YEAR. #bears #protect
  • I own The Office on DVD and have since before streaming was a thing. #oldschool
  • I watch at least 4 episodes of The Office every day. It's my go-to on Netflix. They will likely lose my business when they lose The Office. #hardcore #nothingelsematters
  • I've watched each episode HUNDREDS of times. This is no exaggeration.
  • I study sit-coms. I understand them in and out. I'm constantly re-evaluating small details in The Office. I've come to the conclusion either the writers were geniuses or sold their souls to the devil. So many things match across so many seasons. You have to pay close attention for this to work. Not all sit-coms do this.
  • I think in "Office". Most of my 'world-life' examples come from The Office.
  • I often say things like, "You know, Like Andy. How he just reflects the person to get them to like him". I get weird looks, which I simply return, because WHO doesn't know about Andy?!
  • I have the unpopular opinion that Jim is a jerk. I'm pretty certain (aside from a few) every episode has him being mean or rude or condescending to someone. It's so weird this isn't noticed.
  • I LOVE CREED. Specifically, the perfection in which he is included… and NOT included.
  • I'm not Ryan's biggest flan… but early on found out he was a writer and producer which means: he gets to do what he wants. I DO see the point/idea behind Ryan as a 'lost millennial', even though a quick Google search shows he's a Gen Xer ('79), while the accepted year for millennials is '81 (my birth year).
  • I pay close attention to detail.
  • I see that you will be requesting Tweets. You may notice I'm not much of a Tweeter (but neither are you😏). HOWEVER, I can and WILL be. My Tweets will be so amazing you will be amazed.
  • Also, I'm in MST too. It's like everything is lining up perfectly!!!

Am I the BEST person for this job?

Absolutely, I am. I will NEVER let you down.


Cares about work
Already watches The Office daily and takes notes (in my head)
Really good worker
Really awesome at working
Intensely Focused on Work
Extremely good worker

Why should you give me this job?

Because I'm awesome.

I work from home. And most importantly, I'm extremely reliable.
I have literally been thinking about the potential statistics this is going to uncover! Of course, I know that I would do the best job. It's likely I'd not miss anything and even MORE likely that I would go above and beyond. Yes, I'll surpass all of your wildest expectations. You will decide to hire me on as a permanent 'watcher of things'. It will be a long-lasting beautiful relationship.

Do it. Hire me. Do it. Do it now. Do it.

Optional Video Application:



Catch me outside!

Listen at



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Absolutely love the Office.

My kids had never seen it, so for the past few weeks, we’ve been watching 1-2 episodes every day.

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