Guitar Tube Amp Rebuild - Harmony H305

in #palnet3 years ago

My father played in a rock band for over 30 years starting in the 1950's. Over the years he collected some amazing gear that they used on stage.


The very first amp they used on stage was a Harmony model H305.


I recently pulled this old amp out of storage to see if I could get it running. There were (and still are) many issues.



I recently replace 3 capacitors and now have very clean sound on 1 of the channels. I will keep you updated as I work on this great old amp :)



That's a cool old vintage amplifier!
I can imagine that a lot of the electrolytic capacitors have gone bad, that's pretty common in old tube amps. There may be a few resistors that have gone out of tolerance also, usually the plate resistors on the tubes drift out due to the heat in use if the amp is pushed regularly. They seldom fail, but they can go out of tolerance.
Do you have a schematic for the amp?

Hi there @amberyooper! Great to hear from you. Yes, this is a cool one. I've replaced 3 capacitors so far and there another 8 or so to go. I've done this job in the past but never dealt with resistor replacements. Once I get the capacitors done I will see where we are.

Thanks for the input. I will keep you posted.

Wow. That's a gorgeous piece of vintage right there! Have fun restoring her!

Wow. That's a gorgeous
Piece of vintage right there! Have
Fun restoring her!

                 - techslut

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thank's @techslut. Its great too here you're voice (in my head as I reed you're commments}. I missed u :) xox


I stop by on occasion. And funny you should mention my voice... just published a post about that.

Come on! No comments on my grammar? I was hoping to get at least a little rise out of you :D

I am trying to be accepting and tolerant! Sheesh.

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Thanks @pennsif. Nice to be here :)

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