New Whip.

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A couple of years ago I bought a 2006 Lincoln Mark IV Truck with about 150k miles in it to work for the summer. After the summer I decided to keep the truck and cross my fingers it would keep running smooth without lots of repairs needed.

Well the day finally came when I heard loud metal pop and shortly after I hand no reverse gear. Found out it was inside my transmission and it had to be rebuilt to the tune of about 3k which was way to much to invest into a truck that is really not worth very much money.

I had enough so I decided on a new 2019 Jeep Wrangler!

Since about 1991 I have never not owned a pick up truck so I was a little unsure how I would get along with this vehicle but so far so good. I love the ride so much more than my old truck and many Jeep owners seem to like the Wrangler and talk highly of it.

I really didnt want to spend the money but I was kinda forced to because I needed to trade off my problem. Hopefully I will really love this car and it fulfills all my needs.

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Girls love them jeeps 😉

Nice ride Cuz.

They used to be rugged as hell with a stiff suspension. Not sure how they are now and looking to hear how you find it.

Needs a Broncs decal on the door though.

Longer wheelbase and softer suspension on the Wrangler Sport.....a little rougher with the Rubicon Jeep.

Nice car. I think you will be comfortable driving it. Have a nice day

Thank you!! :)

The Jeep looks rugged and strong what a nice and lovely car you have

It looks very spacious!

It's an excellent brand, by the looks of it.

It would be great to have the opportunity to drive it haha!

It's probably the most popular car in Colorado where i live. versatile.

I've heard it's a hot state, where you usually travel great distances.

You'll be fine!

That still looks like a beast damn that's classy

Wow. Two words for this car. Technology and advance car. 🚘

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Congrats on Your New Wheels @broncnutz

Put some chrome 24” rims on it jk 😂

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Really looks like a nice ride. We are in the same boat. I think you will enjoy driving that. We drove an xterra forever, not one problem really, put a ton of miles on it all over this country and now we are looking😑

I love the Wrangler!!!! It is really popular almost everywhere and I love that I can take off the top, or leave it on. It is sporty and cool and I can put anything in it without worrying about ruining anything.

You done goooood!!!

The only negative would be that it is sometimes a little hard to hear with road-noise, but, depending on who you have with you, that isn't always a bad thing! And I scrolled back up and see you have a hardtop... of course, Colorado, what was I thinking??? :)


Good luck with your new ride!!!


Nice ride!
I think you should Ghost Ride the Whip

The car look great I must say. I am sure it will not give your problemor headache. It will be good. Looking at the appearance also, the car also stand out

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I have a 94 bronco for sale if you are interested also. Lol

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