Olden Is Golden

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Ah the good old days!

I was a prostitute once you know...


Well not quite.

Going through my stuff I came across some old photos. Old in the sense of being taken a few years back. ( In the photo FLTR: Camille, my partner in crime fellow fire dancer and best friend; next to her is Sarel, her husband; then Rodney, our fire marshal and good friend I am the one on the far right.)

This was taken one weekend, when we decided to take a road-trip home after preforming fire dances at a festival in Mpumalanga, South Africa.

We ended up at a small historically preserved village, called Pilgrims Rest, that remembers the days of old during the times of the gold rush in SA. Inside the village, there was a little photo studio, that allowed you to pick out some clothes that was typically worn in that era, and then do a short photo shoot while wearing them.

We had a ton of fun rummaging through the old clothes, and eventually decided that we would dress up as gun yielding prostitutes standing guard over some 'prisoners' - because that makes sense right?


A few years later we passed the same way after celebrating another friends birthday in Mpumalange, we started the long drive back home the next day and decided to relive the experience again. We went into the little town and found the little photo shop exactly where we had left it on the previous visit.

And although not everyone from the first pics were there, we still had loads of fun playing around with the clothing and getting dressed up.


This time we got dressed up as a soldier (Rodney - from the first picture) A prisoner (JP - a local barman) And a lady; I feel Lady is such a strong word, especially if you have a look at the last picture where I am swigging booze straight from a flask handed to me by a prisoner.


Anyway It was fun looking back on these and I thought that I would share. I hope that you also enjoyed standing witness to my silliness.


These are very cool - looks like you had fun!

I sure did :D

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