My Gaming Update

in #palnetlast year

I haven't been great about posting so I here I am with a quick updated:
I am addicted to Steem Monsters. The game is fun and challenging for a non-gamer like me. I may not be a great player but the promise of more cards makes me come back every day. I see this one catching on with people outside the world of steemit

Speaking of cards, Drug Lords will be releasing some soon. Yay! I think it will make the game more appealing. I check in every day bit I admit it isn't addictive like Steem Monsters - yet!

I hope to see more people develop games on the blockchain. Social media posts are fine but games will bring in more people. The tokens are also great even if I don't really understand them yet.

Speaking of tokens, what is the Beer token? I see comments receiving beer tokens but I don't know anything about them. Anybody have a clue?


Hi @boboxer, I came across a new Steem game and its going to be the first 3D game on the chain. Its beta release starts in 2-3 days and its going to have a mobile version right out the gate.

I thought it might be something you may be interested in. If so signing up through an affiliate link will give a 20% in game bonus ( signing up directly ( will not.