Why It's Smart To Post On Palnet

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The other day you should have noticed that Palnet.io launched!

Since then I have had about 24 hours to play around with it and start understanding it all a bit better.

There are a few things that really stuck out to me that I wanted to share with you.

Earn More Rewards

When you post and vote on Palnet.io you not only earn rewards in PALcoins but you also still earn your steemit rewards. Your post still show on steemit and you earn steem, SBD and Palcoins when voting on Palnet.io

That alone should make it a no brainer to be posting over on Palnet from now on.


On Steem-engine they are offering miners that mine PALcoin as well as Steem-Engine coins. At the current moment I own 35 PALMM which are the bigger of the miners they run for 100 steem at the moment. So far those 35 miners have produce about 200 Palcoin in just 12 hours and I have plans on buying more.

They do offer a smaller version of the miner called PALM which currently sells for just 33 steem each which is very reasonable for just about everyone.

Steem-Engine miners I own two of at the moment and run at 400 steem which are now all sold so expect the price to go up even more.

Steem-Engine miners also come in a smaller version called EM which sells for 100 steem each at the current moment.

So how exactly does this all work ? It's pretty easy once you understand it lol so here are the steps.

  1. Login to your account at steem-engine.com

  2. Click Tokens at the top

  3. Search for miner

  4. Figure out what one you want to buy you currently have 4 options.
    EMFOUR - Engine Miner 4 - Produces Steem-Engine Tokens
    EM - Engine Miner - Produces Steem-Engine Tokens
    PALMM - Pal Mega Miner - Produces PALCoins
    PALM - PalMiner - Produces PALCoins

  5. Click the two arrows on the right to go to the trading page for that token

  6. Buy the amount you want of any of these and then return to your wallet page

  7. You will now need to stake the miners by clicking on the closed lock
    Type in the amount you want to stake and broadcast it via steem keychain (recommended chrome plugin)

  8. Wait - it might take some time to stake but when you do a hand will show up to the right of the locks within your wallet. You can then click on that hand to claim your mining rewards to your steem-engine wallet.

If you have other questions about it please comment below I will be happy to address them.

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Thank You @bitcoinflood for doing this Post so I could learn more about Palnet.io and find out about the Mining Aspect......................

welcome my friend all the best!

Interesting concept to mine these tokens to gain a larger stake over time! I hadn’t read into that potential; need to catch up this when I get back!

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The mining aspect is the 10% inflation I have a feeling it will pay off which is why I invested a good amount into it. I plan on picking up some solid investments this year and building the portfolio ;)

Do you think Pal is what we’ve all been waiting for, finally, the catalyst to take us to the next level? Kinda feels that way!

Seems like it, I am just happy to see action. I honestly feel like nothing productive ever gets done over at steemit. 6 months into the year and we are talking about a stupid hardfork again instead of SMT lol


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This tokenizing Of Steem is exciting!

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sure is!

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So far those 35 miners have produce about 200 Palcoin in just 12 hours and I have plans on buying more.

wow interesting, have you broken even?

not yet

Thanks for this. I am behind. Do you know if you have to have a whole EMFOUR token to get rewards? I bought a small amount and staked it, but I haven't gotten any rewards from it. Just trying to figure it all out.

the EMFOUR miners they are all sold out so its going to take a while for you to stake and your chances are most likely pretty low at a partial. From what I have heard you can stake partials. I have 2 full and only staked twice so far in about a week to a week and a half.

Ok, so it's an odds game and then getting the whole reward, like mining bitcoin? It's not a steady stream. Thanks for the info!

It kind of is it's possible where an amount is always produced and u stand a chance at mining more often the more coin or in this case miners u have

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