50k Steem Milestone REACHED!

in #palnet2 years ago

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When I first started steemit a little over two years ago I would have honestly never thought I would hit 10k in steem let alone the mile stone I just hit right now.

50k yes 50,000 Steem is now powered up on my account!

If steem should ever go to $5 again I will be a very happy camper lol.

Should the next goal be 100k ? 250k ? heck a million ?

At these prices at the moment and with steem monsters out of beta and about to launch their first real live packs along with SMT hopefully coming soon (still better mid 2020 for the release of those) this could be one heck of a long term investment.


Awesome, we need more people like you :)

Congratulations Sean! :) How does it feel to be a Steem orca?

I recently became a dolphin myself, and, if all things go well, I'm aiming for 10k in the near future.

Congrats man, a new orca in town! I wonder where Poloniex will be dumping its steem once its delisted. I hope to continue picking up cheap steem while the going is good :) I'm right there with you 50, 100 or million as much as I can get my hands on lol

Congrats! Thats a good amount to have 😆!!

I'll be right there with you soon

That's a big milestone... congrats bud!

Yuhh 50000 sounds increadeable! Congrats 👍

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you are not far yourself! 10x it!!!!

Congratulation on your milestone @bitcoinflood !

I've been also started to slowly stack up on STEEM Power for some time now, with STEEM being one of my monthly dollar cost average buys, just like BAT.

Also I'm cranking up the curation game, as it brings a lot of compounding interest over time. Steem is my only staking coin and while I don't expect the price to skyrocket, I hope it's going to be a sustainable ecosystem in the future.

Congrats...that a major milestone you should be proud of.

Love it. i felt the same a year ago but since the bear market it's been easy to power up with a small spend. Nowhere near 50k but happy to be growing still. Congrats.

Big ups! -congrats...

I will say the next goal should be definitely a million, everything is possible if we believe.

Again congrats on this milestone...

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