The Pendulum has swung too far!

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Many men feel attacked. Many men feel betrayed. We go out into the world from our caves in order to hunt for the family. We then return, only to be mocked and attacked within our man-cave-home by the unending and pervasive SJW keyboard warriors. Our hated genetic Y-chromosome has been somehow downgraded in it's worth.

It's time to protect not only our outer cave perimeter, but now our inner cave serenity. There's a movement growing; not to delegitimize a woman's worth; but for men to feel safe regarding that special Y chromosome.

The answer?


The BRO-Token. Great things will happen. Soon our man caves will no longer be littered with rhetoric of how we should be ashamed and humiliated. Vegans will run, BEER will flow, RA$NS will happen.

We will aim to trigger!

Oh yes, Manly caves will be shown off. Rare Steaks will be flaunted. There may even be cleavage.

Stay tuned.. this is just a teaser.


Total Bro: 100,000,000

Issued Bro: 1,000,000 (I won't be hitting the issue more button, ever. So don't expect me to)

Bro Price: 0.01 Steem per Bro

Get your BRO now, because you will need it for access to this special community. Women are of course welcome (the tom-boy variety); but you will need to accept brutish charm, unsavory chauvinism, and a good sense of humor.

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