Posting on Steemit is like buying a home in Vancouver!

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Sometimes in life we have to just bite the bullet. I have been waiting to buy a house for 2 years now but held off because I knew the economics of CANADA. It's backwards knowing that the market will drop perhaps another 15%-20%, but in life we cannot choose timing. I'm just glad that it was not last year as houses were up 15%-20% from this time last year.

  • So at least I am grateful for that.

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What I am not grateful for is 'knowing' that if I wait another 6 months - 1 year I'll save an additional $50K-100K STUPID RIGHT? Well, like I said.. we can't always wait. It's time to get on with my life. I just figure, if the money is in the bank, it can get "hair cut" either way. That means we can be out of debt and the banks just steal the money anyways. Sometimes it's better to be in debt when you are under a socialist garbage government. Backwards thinking, but seeing how gold and silver and all markets are rigged for "too big to fail", well maybe I'm playing the wrong game.

Don't get me wrong, I have cash, gold, and silver which the banks or government won't know about or touch. If I'm like the majority of stupid ignorant Canadian's in debt, well I can join the revolution of stupid with the rest; all the while knowing I'm not like the rest.

Perhaps my STEEM will be worth something one day to help me pay off the mortgage. Look, I have many children who need a roof over their head. Maybe this blog is justifying my own fate, but I ran the numbers and renting seemed like a poor decision considering the prices of what I need. Plus no equity will be going into anything. Sure I would have left over money in the "Bank", but again I risk hair-cuts, and I know the bank lends out my own money.

The system f'd me up in the butt by rewarding a very bad person for evil behavior and taking my hard earned money and leaving me with nothing. I can either be bitter or move on with life. Perhaps you know why I wrote, 'life is not fair" in previous blogs.

Yah.. it's a repost from 1 year ago today. Luckily prices haven't fallen off the roof YET. I'm locked in for 5 years (kind of like STEEM power). Then like many of you, I watch the price fall while having no recourse other than 'HOPE'

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sirbearbear..I thought you just bought a house and remodeled the basement? What are you stuck in for 5 years? Me no savvy. Except about the banksters and government crap.

oh Janton, it’s a half repost. A year later it seems to have been the right choice. However the banks are having an awfully hard time keeping it together these days

Oh I get it, that makes sense now, thank you sirbearbear. The banks will figure out more ways to rip people off, I think they'll survive.

Sometimes is better to act now and not always wait forever.

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100% agree. People will be waiting forever for a correction and in the mean time you are stuck even more. Thanks for curating.

It is all about timing and acting at the right time