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My son's required reading is George Orwell's 'Animal Farm'. All animals are equal; except a few.

I have read reports about facial recognition, social credit scores and other Orwellion tactics the Chinese regime implement. Sometimes I feel like China is more of a pilot program for the Western 'Democracies' and this is just a taste of things to come.

As Ezra Lavant properly tweeting "China spies on social media conversations. Then they bring dissidents in for a real-life chat. I’d say we’re AT LEAST five years away from that over here, so no worries".

Under its social credit score system, China punishes people who criticize the government, as well as numerous other behaviors, including;

Bad driving, Smoking on trains, Buying too many video games, Buying too much junk food, Buying too much alcohol, Calling a friend who has a low credit score, Having a friend online who has a low credit score, Posting “fake news” online,
Visiting unauthorized websites, Walking your dog without a leash, Letting your dog bark too much.

This is indeed scary; and the level of control governments and technology have over us is terrifying in regards to freedom. I know it's difficult managing a billion people; but I do believe human beings ultimately wish to be free and sovereign. I think the only solace in all of this is that if people lose their economy and their form of bread to eat; heads start to roll. No amount of control can be enforced if the people cannot eat bread.

Many wars start with economic downturns. When all else fails; there's always the meat grinder. Challenging times ahead! Eventually humans won't even be enforcing these rules as AI police take control with even more of an iron fist.

What is most disturbing is that Western Democracies make reading such as Orwell's part of the curriculum; but fail to take note of the fleeting personal freedom's we are losing daily.

Challenging times indeed.


Yeah. I read that too when I was in school. I would say much less than 5 years away. But China IS the pilot program. You are on target. Will resteem as folks need to hear this. Blessings @bearbear613


Fortunately, The US govern-cement will probably collapse in that time frame, and so we won't have to worry about extreme spying.

We will just have to worry about food shortages, financial collapse, distribution disruption...