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Universal Basic Income..

Hrmmm, I don't think such a thing exists. I truly believe that most humans take advantage of every situation they get into. Sometimes when times are tough you gotta move your behind. Sometimes when times are good, you become fat and lazy. Take this Bernie Millionaire.. yah.. Millionaire. Easy for him to say to give away money. I'm sure he gives all of his away.

So what's Universal Basic Income?


In short; NOTHING is for free (aside from Gds Nature).

Children..why does the early bird catch the worm? Cuz it's an analogy to working hard before everyone else and making gains doing so. Humans are always trying to use our brains to change nature. Perhaps with technology we will do it; but for now we are stuck in the paradigm of WORK. By the sweat of your brow you shall work. It's built into the system of nature where ALL animals must follow the rules or starve.



Many socialists I know who live in their parents house and smoke weed all day love the idea. I wonder why that is? Humans are always trying to figure out how to create artificial roofs over our heads.


Yes, in the world of crony-capitalism you can buy yourself position of power. Power is simply a roll that forces others to work for you. It's an embedded position to stay on top. If this involves brain washing the masses that something is good; then that's where the money and propoganda will go. The middle class is truly what makes the West great. So why is the middle class constantly under attack? Perhaps because idealism has been put into people's minds that we no longer live on planet earth where work is what let's us eat.

My answer is and always will be Free Capitalism. It's based on work and reward. NOT CRONY-CAPITALISM; FREE and open with limited government.

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The sages say the highest level of wealth are for those who are content with what they have.

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Great post. I'm a believer in the "free market", and that it is this that should set supply amd demand.

I work with a bunch of socialist and they do think UBI is a great idea. It's hard yo explain in text how I disprove all thier idiologies, I do love the idea (honest), but my logical brain won't allow me to think it will ever happen.... How can it?? There will always be slackers and abusers if a "free" system.

I don't enjoy work... I'm guessing very few do, we work as a way of achieving our goals and providing for the ones we love.

Money isn't created out of thin air (ok fiat presses do that). If the 'income' is something everyone has it won't stimulate the economy. It's that simple. It's like trading air for air. It cancels itself out if it's not coming from Uber Wealthy people. Honestly we have Social Wellfare and barely works if at all because of the massive deficits.

UBI simply means that our government stops giving corporate welfare and gives it to the people instead.

Somewhere to lay your head at night, something warm for your stomach, and something to cover your body with, in addition to a basic education is not too much to ask for.

Most people will want more. Bigger houses, cars, vacations, faster internet, better gadgets, dance classes for their kids etc.

If it means the weed smokers who live with their parents keep living with their parents and smoking weed - as long as moms (or dads) who only want to work part time so that they can actually be a part of their children’s lives can do so - it seems like a fine trade off.

Eventually the weed smoker will have to do a little something extra to buy some weed. Let them mow lawns.

Yes also you made the case of the cons against ubi but your post doesn't bring into consideration outside factors putting force on the job economy like ai and robotics or terms like 4th Industrial Revolution.

So the prior industrial revolutions didn't have ideas like Moore's Law and rapid job displacement maybe at a level we can't keep up with. The other issue is it's hard to predict the impact it could have if humans compete with robots. If i'm an employer why would i want to hire a human being who can be injured on a job and needs workers compensation. When its cheaper and easier to replace them with robotic factory workers such as amazon is doing. Boston dynamics are also producing the most advanced factory robots that navigate and have the dexterity of humans in some cases even greater than humans. Your observation of ubi doesn't seem to take any of that into account nor the idea of human labor adding to tax revenue through a person income tax. Robot workers don't pay a personal income tax. So that means the government doesn't collect that revenue.

Is there any reason for me to believe i won't have to contend with this one day?