Contest! The Bro's are coming and your CAVE will be featured!

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Up for grabs are 1000 BRO tokens!

"oh bear, what do I need your shit token for?"

Good question! What can you do with 1000 BRO tokens?

Well for one you could sell them; which would probably be the dumbest thing you could ever do!



Well for one you will miss out on your weekly rewards for tons of different SE tokens AND STEEM. Imagine you join our 'fraternity' and all you have to do is sit back, stick your hand in your pants and relax!







Yes, this is just a taste of the rewards you will receive in our ultra-secret-locked rooms inside the BRO DISCORD. How do they get unlocked? By redeeming your BRO tokens of course! There's a reason there's only so many circulating. They themselves will become valuable to either sell or upgrade your rank!

"Ok Bear, I'm mildly interested. What do I have to do?"

Well for one, you will need to post something BRO!

In your post you will need to meet a few requirements:

  1. A picture of a manly meal! It could be the mother of all sandwiches, a steak, something MEATY
  2. Your favourite 'Bro' night out; a crazy story would be great!
  3. A cool 'Man' cave addition! An example such as a rare trinket, clock, anything a man-cave would appreciate!

You don't have to be a 'man' to join the Bro Cave.. we love chicks.

Please use the #neoxag and #brocave tag when posting for this contest. You can also leave a link in the comments section or join our bro-community hive.

Have more questions? Visit us in discord!

This contest will end in two weeks. SO GET YOUR POST TOGETHER!


Testing the command


A hahaha. Your bro sandwich is a mother.

It's a yummy mummy sandwich

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