Air-drops come in the form of $US Fiat.. just doesn't trickle down.

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What's looking like STEEM (and something we should be more worried about):

What buy's are these? I guess it's probably better than.. negative rates.

I have been told when the 2 and 10 year invert; fireworks

We are all going to be effected..what to invest? Well gold and crypto.. (other than Steem at the moment) might be safer. More safe on Gold..

Speculative big money: Gold

I was originally $1350 cap, but looks like other damns are breaking. If the holes can be plugged (again) then it's capped.

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Wow, maybe we should begin a greenback burning initiative to reduce inflation and devaluation. Like literal pallets of hundred dollar bills burning in every Walmart parking lot across the US.

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no no no .. you need those bills to buy FOOD.. we all know whoever gets an airdrop IS NOT the middle or lower man. You are gonna need MOAR bills to pay!

Farms are for food... unless you want to survive on Franklin salads.

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In the white North. Fk'ed

I'm happy I picked the gold coin in the Monster Raffle!

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