Companies moving towards Digital Transformation

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Digital Transformation is one of the fanciest terms now in the IT industry. It is not because we are trying to modernize the terminologies but it is because we are trying to adopt and adapt to new working patterns. Digital Transformation is happening everywhere. Especially wherever there were manual interventions, the task is either being done by a Robot or it is somehow carried out with less dependency on human beings.

Digital Transformation impacts jobs

During the process of digital transformation, there is a high chance that a company's standard operating procedures can change. If that happens there is also a high possibility that some people can lose their jobs. A project was carried out recently in our company to identify the capacity of a particular team and the headcount was reduced based on the findings. The reason was that there was a scope available for digital transformation.


Nowadays companies hire people for doing automation and reduce the existing headcounts. A deep analysis is made and the capacity of every team is identified. If there is a common task that is currently being carried out by an experienced individual and if they identify the same task can be done even by a fresher, the company tries to replace the experienced individual with a fresher.

How to sustain our jobs?

When digital transformation happens in a company, it is important to make sure our job is safe. The first thing to do is to check how safe our current role in the company is. It is quite obvious that every company will try to replace the existing employees with a robot or with a fresher who is not as highly paid as an experienced employee. In such cases, we have to continuously do a self-assessment to find out if we have the right skill set to stay in the company for a decent time period. We will not be able to say for sure that we would get a job outside in a different company. It is mandatory to have the right skill sets.


Digital transformation is not something that intentionally removes the job of an existing person but when digital transformation happens it is obvious that some of the manual processes will be replaced with a digital mechanism and that can even make people lose jobs.

There are scenarios in companies whereas part of the digital transformation process the company will try to convert all the manual works that are being done by the company or outsourced by the company to get digitally transformed. If a company decided to track all the manual documents inside a tool or a web portal that even creates new job opportunities. A team will be hired to build this new tool and the maintenance of this new tool will be taken care of by the newly hired employees. So, if we have the right skill sets we will also be able to grab that job.

I would say that it is not right to say that digital transformation removes job but it also creates various opportunities. We have to be intact and ready to grab those opportunities.

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