Cast Your Vote for Steemit at Noonies!!

in palnet •  3 months ago 

Let us all vote STEEMIT!!

Here is the link and cast your vote here at Noonies!!

I was checking out the featured post on, usually I use @esteem but 2 days ago went to check out the and saw a post about voting steemit to be the Social Network of the Year! There are many blogger here on steem! Let us all suppport and win the award!

It would be good for steem marketing, hopefully can encourage more people to join steem and create awesome content. The past 1 year plus, I have read, watch, admire the arts that was created by fellow steemians. I'm amaze that they're really talented and detailed in their craft. A lot of hardwork had been done behind the scene that we didn't know, hour of practice just to perfect a simple line.

No regret at all joining the steem and be part of amazing community! Steem was my first invested cryptocurrency project! I do have high hope on this blockchain!

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