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And the child of God gathered to thank God after a successful conference that lasted for four days, the atmosphere was filled with the spirit of God peace love and happiness and thanks giving as the word which was taught gave us more hope and faith in the creator of the universe who has promised to always look out for his children in every season. Although we are in the season of abundant shows of blessing even as the rains fall to supply water to the crops of the earth for abundant growth and flourishing and supporting the survival of man kind, so also will its wash and carry all the problems of believers like the flood with all the dirt (Sin) from our lives.

There is no best time to give God thanks like now and every moment we have the opportunity for granting us the gift of life to witnesses all that he has promised in his words according to the Bible for we all live on borrowed time and everyday is a brand new gift for us to explore and world and the universe and all that he has created for our use, so always remember to give him thanks.

  1. The activities of day 5 (five) Friday 9th August, 2019 commenced at 7:06a.m, with Corporate Morning Devotion by The Rt. Rev'd F.G.V. Amgbere as the conductor. In his Sermon with the theme: 'When good people do Nothing' Ezekiel 22:23-31 & Luke 1:5-9, The Rt. Rev. Augustine E. Ohilebo JP- Lord Bishop of Sabongida-Ora, admonished the conferees to be committed in using their talents to doing good works for God, for when good men do nothing evil will triumph. This devotion paved way for the recap of day 4 (four) by the National Secretary, Bro.Aghogho Igho V.G.

  2. At 08:23am, the National Religious Coordinator, The Ven. Osazee D. Egbenusi introduced the Bible Study for the day with the Theme 'When good people do Nothing'. The tents were shared as classes and the various Diocesan Chaplains and Presidents were called upon as facilitators. The Bible study however came to an end at 09:52am with an appreciation by the National P.R.O Bro. Gbenga Ogunnubi to the National Religious Coordinator, The Ven. Osazee D. Egbenusi. Notices were made and thereafter, conferees departed for breakfast at 10:03am - 11:09am.

  3. Between 11:10a.m -11:28a.m, the mid-day prayer was observed and was anchored by the National Prayer Coordinator Bro. Patrick Adogho.

  4. At 11:29am, The Rt. Rev'd Ephraim O. Ikeakor, Bishop of Amichi Diocese was invited for the Exposition on the Book of Luke. The exposition lasted till 02:22pm with alter call made.

  5. Also, the Month of Sacrifice with the theme, 'The Principles of Costly Sacrifice' was anchored by The Lord Bishop of Amichi Diocese, The Rt. Rev. Ephraim O. Ikeakor. Consequently, supports were made for procurement of foams for the National Council. Afterward, the profile of the Guest Speaker, The Rt. Rev'd Ephraim O. Ikeakor was read by the National President and thereafter, an Award was presented to him. The Lord Bishop, The Rt. Rev. Ephraim O. Ikeakor made a kind donation of the sum of N1,000,000.00 for the support of the National Council's project. The session however, came to a close at 03:30pm.

  6. Between 3:31pm - 5:30 was break/lunch after which, the choir/band ministered till 06:02pm. meanwhile the written quiz took place between 02:08p.m and 4:08p.m.

  7. The National P.R.O., Bro. Gbenga Ogunnubi invited individuals for testimonies which lasted till 06:57pm. Some of the testimonies centred on the following; Child birth after seventeen years of marriage, and employment /jobs. the National Coordinator, The Rt. Rev'd Jolly E. Oyekpen JP prayed for the testifiers and as well for other conferees for more testimonies.

  8. In continuation of the line of activities, the Host Bishop/The Lord Bishop of Asaba Diocese, The Rt. Rev. Justus N. Mogekwu was recognized and welcomed to the microphone. A welcome song was sang by the Lord Bishop and the Conferees in welcoming the Bishop, The Rt. Rev. Justus N. Mogekwu, this led to a danced galore in the arena. In his remarks/ address, The Lord Bishop, The Rt. Rev. Justus N. Mogekwu stated that, he had the conferees in mind and in prayers since he left for Abuja for DIVCCON steering committee meeting with the Primate.

  9. At 07:40pm, the guest speaker for the Faith Clinic, The Rt. Rev. Foreman Nedison was called to the podium. He spoke on the topic: 'Watch and Pray' Luke 21:26. In course of his ministration, he identified the necessities of Prayers, which includes; For Preservation, Divine Intervention and to overcome temptation. He concluded that Christians must be prayerful to assess the availabilities in God Almighty. Prophetic declarations were made on; Grace, Spirit of Supplication, Freedom from bondage and restorations. At the end of the ministration by The Rt. Rev'd Foreman Nedison, the National Coordinator of the AYF Nigeria, The Rt. Rev'd Jolly E. Oyekpen JP led the conferees into another session of deliverance prayers. At the end, the National Coordinator, The Rt. Rev'd Jolly Oyekpen appreciated the Guest Speaker who is The Lord Bishop of Jalingo Diocese, The Rt. Rev'd Foreman Nedison and prayed God to grant him journey mercy.

  10. Notices were made by the National P.R.O., Bro. Gbenga Ogunnubi and the session came to a close at about 9:30pm with delegates retiring to their various hostels.



  1. At the Youth Star Conference centre, the day's activities commenced at 07:06a.m with the morning devotion facilitated by the National Youth Stars Coordinator, Bro. Nnabuchi Nnaekwe. The Preacher, Sis. Ogechukwu Ezeuche spoke on the theme 'When good People Do Nothing'. She admonished the youth stars, that doing good should be part of the Christian's life for when they do no good, things will go wrong. The morning devotion was followed by a prayer session, anchored by Bro. Samuel Chukwuokafor (the National Assistant Youth Star Coordinator).
  2. After the morning devotion, the Bible Study session commenced, as the Youth Stars section was partitioned into 25 classes and facilitated by Bro. Walter Amakiri (Diocese of Okrika). This session lasted till 10:08am.
  3. In continuation of the days programme, Praise and Worship session was observed at 11:17am, leading to prayers as anchored by Bro. Walter Amakiri.
  4. Also, at the youth Star conference section, the month of sacrifice was facilitated by Evang. Irorogbere Samuel and Rev'd Chukwuebuka Eze (the Immediate Past President of the National Council). This session came to a close at 2:00pm
  5. At 05:00pm, the Exposition on the book of Luke was anchored by Ven. Dr. J. Adudu till the hours of 06:57pm. Thereafter, an impartation session was observed as led by Evang. Irorogbere starting from 07:02pm to 8:25 as the days programme wind up and consequent upon, was retirement of the Youth Stars for the Faith Clinic.
    Thank you.
    Bro. Aghogho Igho V. G. ACIPM, ACIArb (UK)
    National Secretary
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