Speaking My Mind - Wants Vs Needs Part 2

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Since the day we were born we are prepared for the journey of life from our parents, teachers, media, and other means. We are in a way programmed the life is hard. That we in a way need to be scared of it. And that is why it is not surprising we start to believe it as well. Basically we go through life scared of it. Never truly LIVING IT.

We go through life chasing things, buying more and more things we mostly don't need. Being scared one day we will not have enough. Some of us climb over each other backs and crush anybody in our path to get more STUFF. It makes no sense right? Ask yourself how much do you really need in life and how much is just pure WANT for something because everyone else has it?

Do you remember the last time you bought something you really WANTED in your life? For the sake of argument something 6 months ago. Try to remember where is that thing you bought now? I can speak for myself most of the stuff I bought is sitting in the closet accumulating dust. That is the difference between WANT AND NEED? Did I really need that stuff? Nope, I did not but I WANTED IT. Lol

Do you see how this is a never-ending loop now? We always want more and more. We want a new car, new house, new phone, and it never stops until you realize you don't need the stuff to be happy. Because happiness is something you find deep inside you and not around you.

So my amazing brothers and sisters I believe the search for happiness starts inside you. Material and stuff we buy can only give us short time pleasure and before you know it we will be chasing another "fix" we think it is happiness.

Have a blessed day all, much love,

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