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So, this is my first post via PALNET after claiming my PAL coin airdrop the other day.

I've decided to stake my 735 coins which I was very pleased to be able to claim, and I'm now excited to learn more about it, how it works and to see how the PAL network will grow. (it's gonna be massive, innit?)

(Image: this is possibly the worst designed thing I've ever inflicted on the community, I know, but it's late and I can't be much arsed to design anything more fancy)

However, it is absolutely amazing to see these kinds of projects develop so quickly - steem.engine has empowered so many communities and I imagine this is just the tip of the iceberg of what's to come.

If you would like to claim your PAL (ANY steemian can claim and your token amount is based on your current steem power but cleverly doesn't let Steem whales automatically become PAL whales, and it rewards those who adopt and are active etc..) then please do the below before time runs out:

  • Go to and either log in with your Keychain extension or the usual way you use to log in using your keys.
  • Next, click through to your 'wallet' and look for PALcoin icon up in the top left corner of the site. (if it's not there first time, log out then in again...)
  • Once you see it, click it, and you can then see your designated PAL coins in both your wallet and in your wallet. Easy peasy.

Also, don't forget to use the #PALNET tag in your future posts so PAL users can find you and extra rewards (as well as SP/SBD of course) will be sent your way, and if you curate #PALNET tagged posts then you will get an extra PAL curation slice too :)

So basically, you earn PAL along side your usual STEEM for doing practically the same thing you're doing now. Just post through and use the tags.

See you all out there, and thanks @soyrosa for the nudge on claiming my PAL.

Cheers pal! :)


You checked it out. Nice. 👍🚀🦄

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This PAL Network is awesome!

The idea of having a fresh start on a more plain field is great.

That's why many are so excited.

Greetings from Mexico.

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100%! Exciting stuff ahead

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Pal to the mooooooon!

“This is your captain speaking. The scheduled flight to the moon requires you to stake like a mother fucker and hold on tight!”

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This is my first time using Palnet and I just claimed my pal token. I currently have about 700 (SP) in my STEEM wallet and I was able to claim 0.35 PAL.
Just wondering if that seems about right or if there is more I am supposed to do?

Hmmm good question, I’m not sure how the share amount works out for the airdrop.. maybe @juliakponsford could shed some light on this? Or @soyrosa? Thanks!

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Yeah I thought the amount of PALcoin one receives was based on their Steem stake and how active they are on the platform. My stake isnt super high but I think I'm fairly active. I'm not complaining though by any means, it's a free token so I haven't actually gained or lost anything lol. I just wasn't sure if there was something else I had to do. Thanks for the response. I appreciate it :)

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Yeah I got the impression it wasn’t stake based so STEEM whales aren’t automatically PAL whales... so I’m not sure how interaction/network connections are measured for the airdrop.
It would be interesting to know though.

Your share does seem rather low if I’m honest, but you’ve got a good heart admitting that you don’t expect any more and you’ve not actually lost anything.

Happy to help (if I was any help)

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I liked your hideous design it made me lol :)

Long live #PalNet :) I've been upvoting your posts here the last week. Glad you claimed your coins!

...It took 18.4 seconds to design and I don’t regret a second of it :D

Thanks for the vote support - glad to be in such good company.

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Sometimes the simple graphics are just as electrifying as the high quality ones. Welcome to the club, Pal.

You’re welcome! So happy to see you joined the fun and new wealth :D

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It’s ace to be a part of!

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We are all out there... everyone trying to make their way to whales in there eheheh

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The mad scramble to power begins..

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Welcome to Pal my friend, happy that haven't sold after claiming . :)

Stake all the way baby

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