Another Trip to the Hospital. Surgery Time Again! Getting Old!

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I had my knee replacement pop out of joint again and had to go to the hospital again. I was putting a loft bed together for the grandkids and went to get off the floor and well, it was pop and out of place again. Almost afraid to do anything because of this, I just keep on going and hoping for the best.

So went to the ER and one of the ER docs was going to try to pop it back in place but he contacted the doctor that did the surgery and he said it would not work out as he expected it too. So the doctor that did the revision told me to come to his office the next morning, I did so and he just admitted me to the hospital and I had surgery the next day at about 1:30 PM on the 5th. It was a fun day, nerve blocks and damn those things hurt.

So still going to move forward just going to be a little more careful of the what, how, and when of things! Got things coming from our little piece of heaven. So stay tuned, it will take some time as I have to heal up and get better. Always Forward!

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Try some Comfrey in a poultice or a fomentation (with a tincture) on the knee. The allantoin in the comfrey concentrates the naturally occurring haluronic acid, which is the mortar the body uses to mend cells back together. It is a volisiferant which is a healing accelerant, that will heal a wound about ten times faster.

It penetrates deeply, and used to be called bone knit. It has been used for 25 centuries to speed healing.

Hope you feel better soon!


Thanks for the info! I will have to look into that and give it a try. Have a good day!

It will help, hope it cuts the pain for you! Tumeric can help the swelling also, and they have it at wal-mart.


Have turmeric that I have grown and ground up I use in a variety of foods. Add some to chili and other tomato-based foods, I use CBD which helps with pain also. Thanks!

I am glad CBD is helping you too! Fresh Tumeric is best. Thin sliced tumeric left in vodka for 6 weeks makes a nice external rub.

Getting old does suck, until you consider the alternative, LOL! NOT getting older really does suck!

I am too far north to grow tumeric, so I will have to wait until I have a greenhouse up. Good that you have fresh there. I prefer Herbals myself, seems to do a better job on problems.

I hope you can find the Comfrey locally, it is an impressive healing aid.

Hope the knee heals up for you!


I just a month ago, had a complete "Hip Joint Replacement" surgery @ambiguity,
So I can (sorta) identify with your situation.
I live in fear that my new hip will pop out, though I've been reassured that it
Can't happen. I hear clicks and pops and even squeaks all from my
I hate that you had to be admitted and be cut again.
I wish you well, post upvoted.

Thanks, it sucks have to get things like this done but it happens. I hope you do not have
the problems I am having.

I hope you have a quick and total recovery; be well my friend.

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Thanks! You too.

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