Why stupid? It is not only steemit, all those insider boys powering down and selling.

Nothing new here, these are the rules of the game.

They talk the talk, and walk the walk...

Did it never came up to you, this mantra that they sing, is a huge distraction?

Don't listen to what they say or sing, just watch, observe... what are they doing!

Why do you think, those boys are in constant powering down and selling mode?

It's very simple... there are users(outsiders) that powerup and users(insiders) that powerdown.

Meanwhile the users(outsiders) get rekt. And the users(insiders) run with the money...

There is no ship to sink, only a huge stake (mined) and printed out of thin air (inflation).

This is going on for 3 years, and will be going as long as it takes, to siphon all value out of the chain.

PS: The economic model is designed to make this possible. It is not broken. Or flawed.

I must agree :|

In my mind, they should embrace the opportunity and make something trully revolutionary, and not to earn, well, maybe one luxury car.
Unfortunately, their aspirations are low. Too low. Not vision of Bil Gates, Steve or similar giants

I remember that comment, yes...

Sadly, you guess right @alexs1320

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