PALnet claimdrop period coming to a close

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Hey guys. It's hard to believe it's been almost a month since PALnet launched. I really don't know where the last three weeks went. Anyway, the claimdrop period is ending. So, if you can read this and you haven't got your claim yet go to, click wallet, in the top left is a little purple pal icon. If you see it you can still claim. Claim drop is ending in less than a week so get on it.

If you didn't get the claim you may not have been an active steem user. You may have been on a blacklist. You can dispute the lack of claim drop if you met the criteria (you had posted in april or may) by going to the help area of

Looking forward to the next phase with the claim period over.

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thanks for a free token, I claimed already for I think last week. I'm wondering if I can still claim another. hahaha just kidding, I just want to say thanks.

have a nice day, sir.



Thank you! Such a great summer present

Its so sad i didn't get mine ....Yes i was inactive for sometimes because of some issues but immediately that got fixed....I resumed back two months ago ,i just didnt know why i got skipped.....Life goes on though ,I still wish and would love palnet going to greater and bigger height soon

Greetings, aggroed

I hope for our Pal community grown up. Thank you for help steem blockchain a lot with yout knowlege

I managed to get some dropped the first go around. ... 315 to be exact. I decided to try my hand at playing in the market to leverage more pal. I then forgot to make a buy option and the rest is history lol. I been powering up my earned pal via content creation/curation ever since.

Thank you for the free token that worth a lot.

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I do see the purple button but it's asking for a whalevault password. I don't recall ever creating one of those and my steemit posting key I used to log into steem engine isn't the right one. Any ideas?

EDIT: Never mind. I found it where I'd already installed the browser plugin to use sharebits. Just hadn't added steem to it.

Dear @aggroed

Thanks for this update.

Did you manage to reach your target of new users? Just curious.


Thanks for the claimdrop

How quickly our time flies. This is especially noticeable in the splinterlands seasons. It seems that they do not last 15 days but only 2-3 days.

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Thanks man for this awesome gift on Steem. PAL is simply amazing

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Spread the word ! Make everyone claim their airdrop !

I got skipped too for inactivity. Hoping for another chance at tokens in the future.

Thanks for awesome work you've doing slick and for the airdrop as well. Cheers!

Thanks for awesome work
You've doing slick and for the
Airdrop as well. Cheers!

                 - jonsnow1983

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thanks for the reminder, I went and claimed my tokens!

Hi please help, your does not work at all, "Bad gateway" message. I claimed PAL at steem engine but all I got was 0.017 PAL, despite being a regular poster all months of April, May, June. What's going on? Support please.

I have not received the airdrop and informed at help area. Can i know that Am I in the review list?
I just want to confirm that i can't miss the list of review and airdrop.

It is amazing what PAL has definitely done it's been two weeks since I started using the tag, the 50/50 aspect makes it plausible to want to buy PAL really. Looking forward now to the future. Amazing first month. Palnet

When is the actual end date so I can add it to the info I am telling friends who have not claimed yet?

July 6 at 11:59:59 PM UTC

I seen on steem engine where I had the icon but when I went to sign in to steem connect it said I had to use the encryption you know what that means?

Thanks for the reminder! Was a busy week for me and forgot about it! :)

Dammit. Just a day late ain't I ! I've tried clicking things, barking, and then howling at it for a bit but no tokens. sigh