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Hello friends of Steemit today in this holiday season when a lot of us hope and ask for a better future, especially in our beloved Venezuela, I want to talk a little about a millennial issue that is little known, but that is very interesting as it is "THE CHIROMANCE" and that gift that many people have to read the palms of their hands and in one way or another predict the future or the future of a person.

The Chiromancy comes etymologically from the root "Quiro" which means hand, and "Mancia" which is a divinatory art, then palmistry is considered the science that studies or predicts the future of people through the lines of signals that You have it in your hands.

Life Coach Julian Vallejos

How is studied or how is this art learned?


Many say that people should have that special sensitivity from birth, especially because palmistry is one of the oldest arts, but there are not many treaties about it, you will find more information about astrology, numerology, about biorhythms and even about all the mancias or oriental techniques, but the treaties of palmistry are really very, very limited.

The Quiromancia is a very beautiful art, because through it the people discover day after day new signs and new possibilities to discover the tendency of the people to whom it is reading the hand.

According to the great people who dedicate themselves to this trade they indicate that they normally prefer to read the palm of the left hand, but nevertheless they say that the right hand could also be read but that there is a great difference in the marks of the right hand with the hand left that we can see it below:

The palm of the right hand; shows the signs of birth, which in astrology is considered the "BIRTH MAP", that is, you were born with that tendency.


The palm of the left hand; there are shown the changes that you have been able to generate, through your life decisions, because you can change your destiny.


A rough way, the primary lines are read on the palms of the hands, but the secondary lines are also read and these tend to change over time because the physiognomies of people change.

That is why when there are these changes in the lines of your palms and are not born, they plant drastic changes in your life, whether in health, economic, social or even love. 

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