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First off, we would like to thank you all for your involvement and support of Pally right from our beta launch through to our ongoing token sale.

For two important reasons, the team would like to announce that we shall be extending our Token Sale period for an additional three weeks. We apologise sincerely for any inconvenience caused and would like to outline the two major reasons: First, the rigidity of our Smart Contract meant that we had limited time to accept all Ether from our anchor contributors, although we had agreed a contract with them and were inches away from surpassing our soft cap. The second reason is around the market conditions we currently find ourselves in, which has generally seen widespread caution around altcoins, and ICOs.

What Changes?

ICO End Date: The major change to note is that Pally’s ICO will be deploying an updated smart contract. Thus, the new date to mark the end of the ICO period shall be Thursday, November 30th at 6.00pm GMT+1.

Contribution Address: A new smart contract means that we will upload a new contribution address where ETH can be sent for the corresponding amount in PAL just as it was previously.

Refunds: As promised, all those who contributed to the main token sale via the smart contract would need to claim their refunds of Ether. This would enable you to return PAL back to us. The process is demonstrated here — 

The ABI code document you will need for the refund is in this folder:

Re-contributing: We hugely value your support and membership of our community, and we hope that all of you will maintain your participation in the ICO. To do so, you would need to simply claim your refund of ether, and deposit the same amount in the new and improved Smart Contract which will provide you with PAL tokens.

Soft Cap will be reached: We saw that 750 ETH came in at the last minute from an anchor contributor in our network, and we were only a few minutes away from a second instalment of 750 take us above the soft cap.

Pre-sale contributors do not need to attempt any refunds as the smart contract changes do not affect the presale. We will disburse tokens as promised, at the end of the ICO.

Please note that other ICO details such as pricing will remain constant to the initial mechanics.

During this ICO period, Pally has been able to gain significant global exposure, by exposing our concept and product to users and evangelists across countries and continents. We have managed to grow our team, and significantly expand our user base in these few months, and are grateful that being part of Blockchain community has enabled us to achieve such growth. Let’s take this opportunity to complete what we have started together! Feel free to contact us on Telegram and our other channels if you need support on refunds, or you have any questions at all.

Here we leave you with our most recent feature in the Huffington Post:

Best wishes from Team Pally.

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