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One of my main objectives when investing and dealing with money is to ensure I am well diversified and exposed to enough asset classes to balance where income and capital appreciation can come from under any type of market cycle. While cryptocurrencies are one of my favorite sectors, another that that I like are precious metals. Whether it be the collector spirit in me or the fact to have real assets that I can control fully, I like to add to my precious metal collection every once in a while.

I saw that the United States Mint is offering a Palladium Proof Coin for the first time. The offering will be limited to 15,000 and subject to a one per household restriction. I had never saw a Palladium coin so I was immediately interested as it could be something different for my collection.

I read that Palladium as a metal is 15 times rarer than Platinum and 30 rarer than Gold so I see it interesting that these rarer metals have been trading at a discount to gold. However, it seems to be because the demand for these metals in industrial and manufacturing have gone down due to substitutes while gold has the benefit of the investment and jewelry side.

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However, I like rarity so thought it would be interesting to add this to my collection. I know there is a big Gold and Silver Community here on #STEEM so I am wondering what have others been thinking about this.

I was convinced to buy it the morning of the launch as I got an email from a supplier I have used in the past for other coin purchases offering $225 above the purchase price to buy for them. I guess it had to do with the sale being limited.

Only 10 minutes after the purchase I decided to go back in and see availability and there were already sold old! I am glad I was there exactly at the time of launch as I would have missed what seems to be a great opportunity for my collection.

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What do you think of this recent addition! I know there are some stackers out there so I want to hear from you! Let me know your thoughts and feedback in the comments below!

Title Image is A Screenshot Taken from an Email from the United States Mint

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I think possessing any hard asset will come in handy in the future. I think gold is universal and most known and may have more buying power in the future.

I try to buy here and there to diversify and have exposure to the asset class in case we ever have any extreme scenarios in the socioeconomic sense.

Nice pick up! Sold out so quickly! Shows some demand there... I had never heard of Palladium coins before but if they are that rare then I could see the store if value that could be achieved.

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I was just as surprised! It was the first time I had ordered at launch from the US Mint. I had heard of Palladium coins while browsing for some Silver a while back.

Great post @newageinv!

"One of my main objectives when investing and dealing with money is to ensure I am well diversified and exposed to enough asset classes to balance where income and capital appreciation can come from under any type of market cycle."

Sound advice. Like you, I have always liked the tangible value of "hard assets." Nothing like holding solid silver or, better, gold in your hand. Particularly in the form of a brilliantly crafted coin ...

And solid palladium? As a Metallurgical Engineer, I am familiar with these metals, as I have personally been (my "old life" ...) to many mining and milling sites. Many across the western half of North America. As well as some other countries ...

And very nice timing! Great job on what will likely prove to be a sound investment.

P.S. In this fascinating time in human history, here we are exchanging thoughts on the subject of your post, on about as "intangible" an asset, as I am capable of imagining. Guess we'll find out how well that turns out ... 👍

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Truly exciting times indeed! The only thing we know is that things are changing quickly so we need to learn to adapt to change to leverage them the best way possible. My approach is to gain exposure to a number of disruptive sectors while remaining in proven sectors in case things don’t changes as quickly or as much as possible. Managing the exposure is the important part (and most difficult). Thanks for stopping by and engaging!

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