Excellent Interview

in #palisade5 years ago

Excellent interview done by my friend Collin @ Palisade. They touch on Cryptos which is a first that I've seen......was interesting to get a professional speculator's (a very successful one) opinion on this realm. Hope you enjoy it.



Looks like there is pretty impressive potentials on uranium investment. Thank you @davidp and of course Collin Kettell.

nice post ,,, you have good blog , Good luck. Comrade

thanks for sharing will read it now

Interesting interview david. Thanks for sharing

I've never invested in uranium nor have a seen anyone invest into until now and it seems like it has great potential.
One exceptional interview if I do say so myself.
Their speculations seem pretty reasonable and accurate.
Let's see

Will have to check it out when I get home, my work blocks tumblr. Cheers

all the best Collin my best wishes with you <3

Really good material, thanks for sharing this ·

It is always good to listen to the opinion of the expert

Greaaat :D .. I appriciate it
Thank you for sharing @davidp
Have a nice day :)

Let's see how it will go, Collin Kettell.

Can cryptos stay out of the hands of central control? Will they maintain their buying power?

Thank you for sharing

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this is extremely informative . Resteemed !

Great! Thanks for sharing.

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