This is what is happening in Gaza today

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Today is the day of Nakba in Palestine, 70 years of living under the occupation forces and their control and killing us.

Today, too, was America's celebration of its declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
Thousands of Palestinians gathered in Gaza on the border, more than 45 people were killed, thousands injured, today Palestine was raped for a time I can not count.

Is this really justice? I can not describe the suffering of the families of the dead, you will not be able to understand what is going on, the voice of the aid, our land has been raped and we have no right to defend it.

I can not go to Haifa or Jaffa, I can not enter the rest of my country, I can not travel anywhere else, while whoever occupied our land enjoys it and our eternal capital proclaims Jerusalem as its capital, but even Gather the whole world on this, Jerusalem the capital of Palestine, our saints and our glory.

These are some pictures of some of the martyrs' families today

This doctor received his dead brother today

These are some pictures of Palestinian crowds from Gaza today on the border

These pictures were taken at the same time as one of the defense of our land, and the other during the celebration of Jerusalem, the capital of Israel

I just wanted to convey to you what is happening now from Gaza

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للاسف امر مخز و مؤسف, لا حول و لا قوة الا بالله
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حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل
الله معنا وسننتصر بإذن الله

ياا رب 🙁

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Thank u so much

this has gone on too long, I can not imagine what 70 years of living under occupation must be like. I can only follow what I see in alternative media, I never trust the public media with the truth. Words can not express sorrow I feel for those families in Palestine, thank you @ehabfox for sharing this.

You also can not imagine, however, that the occupation has reached us, thousands of families lose their children either from bullets or from hunger

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So sad :( Upvoted

🙁 thank u

May god bless all of you. May you find comfort in each other. Xxx

Thank u :'(

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