Fossil Cetacean Rib Section with Predation Marks, Miocene, Bone Valley Formation, Florida

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Image : Fossil whale rib with predation marks (likely shark).

This one of the things that makes fossil-hunting interesting and fun. Here is the remains of a Megalodon's meal that I found on our most recent fossil-hunting expedition to Bone Valley.

Exact species unknown.
Miocene (5 to 23 million years)
Sarasota County, Florida
Bone Valley Formation
Hawthorn Group

This is the proximal end of a thoracic rib from an unknown species of Cetacean. Of note, one end has clear predation marks in the form a series of evenly-spaced, parallel gouges into the surface of the bone. This was likely caused by a shark and possibly a small Megalodon.


Note, the photo of the guy holding an intact rib is shown for comparison. The portion circled in black is the part of the rib I found. Obviously the man in the photo is not me, because I am far sexier than that poor fellow. It's not his fault. LOL. (Image credit : Wikimedia Commons)

This specimen is available for purchase at -




Thanks for looking and Happy Huntings (Fossils)!

MikeG (Curator of the Galactic Stone & Ironworks Collection)

(Image credits : With the exception of the first photo which is credited, the other photos are by me.)

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This specimen has been sold and is moving on to a new home with an appreciative collector in Denmark.