Save Money on the Paleo Diet with Philip Frey

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Sticker shock for the paleo diet can be pretty brutal. Meat and produce typically are much more expensive than the sugar filled, processed junk most people eat. And when you start talking about "grass fed," "pastured," and "organic," your budget might get blown out of the water! Philip Frey from the Valiant Growth podcast joins me to discuss strategies for eating paleo, while keeping costs low. We will improve your health AND save you money! Check it out!

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Hi @choiceconvo. I'm a member of @health-trail (see our intro post here

Your post looks like a good fit for our category (as I'm also looking at nutrition), but I found it only by chance. It could also fit the criteria of food-trail, so with any Paleo posts you've got two shots at being noticed.
Some of your other podcasts would fit other Steemtrail categories, so I recommend checking out the steemtrail tag and looking at what other categories there are.
So the number one thing you can do to get noticed is to use more effective tags. It's always a bit of a judgement call, but for this I would have included food, health and nutrition, then two of the others.

The other thing would be to make your posts more inviting. Although your podcasts seem excellent, very few people are going to click through to watch a video that's over an hour long unless you tempt them a bit more. My suggestion would be to give a bit of a precis of what's in the podcast, with a time for each topic you mention. That way people can dip into where they are most interested, and then they might stay and listen to more.

If you are able to make those additions to this post, reply and let me know and I'll have a chat with food-trail about this.


Thanks. I've not had a lot of success getting noticed, and you're probably right, it's likely due to poor tag choice.

I'd love to be on food trail. Let me know what you need from me!


Yes, better tagging will help. With any post, check the feeds of the tags you're thinking of to see which ones have most posts. I was trying to see a good way to see what is being curated by steemtrail and couldn't find anything easy. so i set heath-trail to follow the other trails that have intro posts. so by looking at the heath-trail followed you can see some good tags.
i'm only curating health, not food, so you need to look at their intro for their guidelines for food posts.
but i think it's also important to consider what I said about writing more of an introduction, its a good first step to be noticed, but if people don't stay on your post long enough to upvote it, you're not further ahead.
give people a few useful bits of info in your preview of the podcast, and you may still get some upvotes, even if they don't listen to it

PS. what i said above applies if you would like to attract the attention of health-trail or food-trail. If you're looking for SEO, you may prefer to stick to what you have, and that is of course your call. Cheers.