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This is my first post on !

If you were STUNNED with a lot of new things at STEEM blockchain lately, maybe you have missed the launch of PALcoin and platform... It is a similar frontend like, but with its own economy based on principles of STEEM (upvoting, curation, staking..). It is on STEEM blockchain and your post from here is also visible from

Today, the creators of PALnet have made the announcement of the free claimdrop of PALcoin. You can find more details about it here...

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In a nutshell:

  • if you are not blacklisted
  • if you have more than 10SP
  • if your account is active

...You are eligible for claimdrop!

The next step that you have to make is really simple. Just go to, login and go to your wallet. Search for the little thumbnail of PALcoin on the left upside of the website and click on it!
Follow the confirmation steps.

Wait for a few seconds and refresh your wallet. Your PALcoins should be there. If they are not, you can contact developers on Discord.

You can stake your coins (similar process to SteemPower), you can exchange them to STEEM, you can send them to someone... But, that will be a topic for some other posts...


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thanks for the quick guide, I followed and got my Palcoins.. Ive never logged into Steem engine but this drop encouraged me to do so!

I'm glad that this post helped you!
PALNet is an awesome thing... Its time is coming.. ;)

Hi there @ph1102 ;) .. thank you for that post .. I did my first post on palnet today too .. it also worked that it appeared in normal steemit .. I think from now on I will post all my post from palnet if they occure on steemit anyway ^^.. I just do not get any pal reward for my post in palnet somehow so I assume I did something wrong or oversaw something .. anyway, I followed you introduction for steem-engine and got my first free tokens ;) .. I am still not sure how that steem-engine works or how to exchange tokens there but it looks like a huuuuge marketplace for coins ^^

Thank you for your comment!

If I understood it right... To get PAL rewards, the person who upvote you have to do it from As there are a small number of people with "PAL power" (stake it in your wallet - similar thing to powering up on Steemit), you didn't get any upvotes from there... I suppose that it like that... and the rewards will come when more people start to use it...


That makes sense .. thanks a lot again for that nice and informative post ^^

No problem man... Thanks for passing by... ;)

Omg thank you so much for posting about this. I would've never known about it!

Now I have my PAL. Yay. So exciting! 🙏🙌😊

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Congratulations on your PALcoins!
In the end... it's free money! :)

Exactly. That's what is so amazing about it. Now to figure out what to do with it lol 🤣😂

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intresting thing is that I could not claim and I was on the list. Can you do a manual claim if the icon does not show up?

  ·  19 days ago (edited)

huh.. It was 23 days ago and I think that they put the time limit for claiming tokens...
and there is no manual option.. as far as I know..