The Pal Post of Neoxian

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This is my first post on Pal. I think it will show up on Steem too. Guess I'll find out soon enough.

I don't have any Pal Power (yet), this isn't right, give me the power.

This is amazing what has happened. First it was Steem Monsters, then Steem Engine, then Scot..basically we have SMT now, don't we? It's all built on top of Steem. Maybe Steem should just become the lower EOS layer while apps including all the forums are built on top.

If you want to try this too, go to and you can sign on using Steem Keychain. This makes it safe to do. Then you can collect Pal Power along with Steem Power.

Ok I'll admit I'm rambling a bit to fill up this post.

I need a PAL logo too now.

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Everything seems okay, but for me it's little bit slower than STEEMIT! Anyway I also joined, thanks for letting this know!


So basically it's a layer made on top of STEEM blockchain to do a same thing what we are doing with STEEM ?

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Kind of, but it has it's own set of rules (many of them different from those on Steemit) and is effectively a RESET on who holds the most power (platform currency) to distribute the inflationary token. It's a lot fairer for new users and minnows in the sense that no one has a big lead in how much of the platform currency (PAL token) that they own or have staked in token distribution.

Dont forget that whatever you post on Palnet also shows up on Steemit. Dual rewards in PAL and default use should really be Palnet.

Good point.

Hi, have you checked out @actnearn too? Similar UI with their own tokens that are also on Steem Engine.

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Do I have to Wait 15 Minutes before I UP Vote PAL ??

That's a great question, I don't know, but it's also on Steem at the same time, so probably good to wait 15 for steem.

I Guess We Will find Out @neoxian and as always Thank You For all of Your Support for The Community........

No need to wait the 15min dont apply

Thank You @victoriabsb

I see you here on Steemit @neoxian !

Yes the post and comments are in both places.

I'm reading and commenting on palnet right now. I got a couple of "mega miners" to see how much pal tokens they can generate, but so far nothing. It's all new so it's all good, but it feels weird to be on a steem interface with no power 😆.

Wow, pretty cool, I grabbed a couple of miners myself. It feels like a whole new system.

Have your miners produced anything yet? I bought and staked mine about 3 hours ago and nothing yet. The white paper says mining rewards go out once an hour (or ten times an hour?) so I'm assuming they haven't turned that part on yet.

I bought 2 megas around twelve hours ago and have so far claimed 8 tokens, I have no idea how consistent it will be though and as more people buy it will mine slower.

Interesting, so you have to claim them? Is that done somewhere on the steem engine site? Thanks

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It's not ready to go yet, should be shortly though, we will make an announcement on minnowsupport and tag everyone in the server when it goes live with instructions :)

Actually I have claimed mining rewards twice now through the palnet wallet. It's just like on steemit which makes sense lol 😆

Yeah it's very easy :)

I just got them, so not yet. I'm guess they pay out once per day. I do have the Steem Engine miners and they pay once per day.

Ok. The white paper seems to indicate hourly but I might be reading it wrong. I guess I will have to wait until tomorrow until I can power up some Pal tokens!

they have chances hourly. Mining isn't a guaranteed thing just like normal mining doesn't provide you a steady amount. it provides a steady amount based on your percentage over time.



Good to have you here Neoxian! And thank you for all the support on my posts on whaleshares!

Yes when you upvote here on Palnet it also upvotes on steem so it makes sense to always do all your voting here and earn even more rewards!

i have no idea about pal is this another clone of steemit ?

Things are happening so quickly! WOW! I'm trying to get the word out about and PALcoin.

@neoxian, Without any doubt exciting Developments are happening and that's the beauty of Steem Blockchain and due to SCOTBOT now Communities and Businesses can monetise there User Interfaces. These days are really exciting.

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I just logged on into palnet and I must say it runs smoothly. This was the first post I saw and I can notice the tiny differences.
I must say I am liking it so far and it shows a lot of potential.

Wow cool your grace sure I'll try this since it is coming from you so obviously it would be great then

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