Beauty Of Hunza Valley

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Hunza Valley is a mountainous valley located in Gilgit, which is an area under the government of Pakistan. The main town of Hunza, Karimabad (formerly known as Baltit) is the capital as well as most popular tourist destination of Hunza. As famous as the valley is for its beauty, the people of Hunza are also well-known for their friendliness and hospitality. Hunza’s tourist season is generally from May to October, because in winter the Karakoram Highway is often blocked by the snow. Unlike most places in Pakistan, Hunza valley has a very high literacy rate of more than 90%!

Borith Lake is a lake located near Gulmit, Gojal, in the upper Hunza area. The altitude of Borith is roughly 2,600 m (8,500 feet) above sea level. The lake can be reached via a 2 km unpaved jeep route from Husseini village, and is also accessible by a 2-3 hour trekking route directly from Ghuylkin, across the end of the Ghulkin glacier.

Hunza valley is famous for its trekking. The second highest peak of the world, K2, is located in the Gilgit-Baldistan region, where Hunza valley is also located. There are various trekking tours which tourists can avail.

The valley has different beautiful natural sights which are the attractions for tourists. Among these attractions the Baltit and Altit fort are also well known. The Baltit fort, after renovation, has recently been turned into heritage museum. In Hunza, the bazaar of Karimbad is famous for its local handicrafts, handmade rugs, traditional embroidered caps, shawls, hand woven cloth (paffu) and its gemstones which are famous all over the world, particularly Ruby. The Ruby mines are famous tourist attractions.

the sun was shining and when we reached Nilt from Gilgit, I found myself surrounded by a whole new spectrum of colours; I was truly mesmerised.

The meadows, plants laden with white, pink, and orange flowers could be found all over. I kept thinking to myself, why did I not land here earlier?

There were so many flowers alongside the road from Hussainabad to Aliabad, it seemed to be the literal meaning of primrose path. Spring was my first love, and you can forget everything but not your first lo

Just like the valley is known for its scenic beauty, the people of Hunza are warm hearted and known for their hospitality. Despite of the fact that Burushaski is the most widely acceptable language among all but majority of the people also understand Urdu and English.


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