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The government and opposition parties could not be united in the KP Assembly on the issue of protests to express solidarity with Kashmir. The opposition did not take part in the protest and made it clear that the prime minister was the prime minister when he declared the opposition.

They said that they should be with the Kashmir people who are in deep problems and they need our support and they should be waiting for our support as always the Govt decide to take some action against them and they will get the reasonable help from the Pakistan Govt.


The unilateral declaration of KG will not be a part of the protest, but the government has taken the stand that the opposition members are making excuses for adopting a dual policy. Kashmir is a serious problem unless the top leadership of all political parties is taken into confidence. Nothing will go ahead.

All the parties can be against each other in the politics but when it comes to the reality and saving a human life and giving peace to some one who are in deep trouble from the last several years to we will be united to make one hand and we will give a helping hand to those who need our help and out support All the parties in the Pakistan will serve as a union and they will have a close meeting and they will think about the future of the Kashmir protests.

ANP's parliamentary leader Sardar Hussain Babak said that the government and its position on the national issue were united. It was against the Prime Minister to declare a meeting with the opposition leader and the parliamentary leader so today, the most effective approach is against our attitude.

Opposition is not subject to the order of the Prime Minister. All the members are from their own parties. They said that Kashmir was part of India. Nehru did not join government march, nor would the government participate in the march. N league's Aurangzeb Nilotha said that Kashmir is united in the cause of Pakistan.

The Pakistan child are with the Kashmir as they have the power to kill there self for them and they will have to fight for there release and they will get success when they have that spirit to make them live free from the torture of the Hindus.

The child is standing with the Kashmiris. Responding to a rally for solidarity with the Chief Minister, Special Assistant Chief Minister Kamran Bangash said that while the opposition members on one side talk of expressing solidarity with Kashmiris, the other side is making excuses. Speaking on the occasion, Speaker Ghani said that the Kashmir issue is a national issue.

The opposition leader assured that he would join the march because it is a question of the rights of the Kashmiris so that the opposition participated in the march to give a message to the world. With the Pakistani nation standing with them in the tyranny, it will bring Kashmirism to a global level and raise the morale of Kashmiris.

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