Scary clown drawing # 2 with video

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Clown number two

I had so much fun filming my last clown drawing that I thought I would make another video. I love drawing these creepy clowns I think they are kind of silly. I find drawing generally therapeutic and these guys are just extra fun to create!
clown main.jpg

I used a lot of paint in this piece and spent a little over an hour, not including drying time. I have named him 'Dodgy'

Myself drawing scary clown video:

I had heaps of fun making this video I will be filming some drawing sessions soon, I hope you enjoyed watching

Close ups

CLOSE UP Collage.jpg

I really like the texture of the splattered paint and the effect the red paint pen has in the eyes.

materials Collage.jpg

  • Graphite pencil(greylead)
  • Markers/Textas(water based)
  • Aquarell pencils ( coloured and graphite)
  • Ink(chinese)
  • Paint pens (like Poscas)
  • Dry pastel
  • Graphics pen/fineliner
  • Acrylic paint (Mont Marte dimension series)
  • Watercolour paint
  • Colour pencils
  • Smudging sticks (more of a tool than material but I thought I would include it anyway)


This was done on the cardboard backing of my sketch book it is about 0.5mm thick. Roughly 440 H X 325 W mm. I really like the effect the colour of the cardboard has as it shows through in places.

Final notes

I hope you enjoyed watching and checking out my scary clown. If you are interested in what materials I use please check out my post( ) for a detalied descriptions of most of the materials I use at my drawing desk. If you enjoyed my post please leave a comment below I really love feedback! If you have any questions about materials, my method or anything relating to my work, feel free to ask and I will respond.

Thanks to all the steemians who have left nice messages, upvoted and followed. I really appreciate the support I have received so far. I recently discovered a great artist I don't know how often she posts but her work is pretty unique and she is very talented so it's worth visiting her blog @dillemma

Untill next time, Peace out and love each other

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Cool! Great seeing more art on here with a darker vibe! Followed!

Hey! thanks for checking out my post, I really like your art and I am totally following back! ^^