My so called art

in paintings •  2 years ago

I have many hobbies but this is my creative side

Just a few pieces of wood and some free fabric and a staplegun and there is no limits how to create this paintings
I have more to come if this post get positive responce.


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Thats actually pretty cool imo, a simple touch that breaks up the blank white space nicely.
I really need to get creative and decorate my place - thx for the motivation


yea i have multiple colors and patterns so i can change every week if i want to

Wow! Great art! I would love to have something like that on my walls!


Thank you. if this gets popular i will upload the rest.

I love seeing things like this repurposing materials to make something nice to feature in a room, I could see shops selling something very similar and pricing it for $40+.

PS. the OCD in me is forcing me to say, I beg you to straighten the painting in the top photo I'm getting an eye twitch lol.


I'm the same. It has to be perfectly straight for me lol


yea i took it down for takin pictures of it but missed the alignment wn put it back :)


I have issues lol :)


this one cost less then 1usd each in material.


See awesome idea saving money and making things pretty :)