Watercolor painting of Santa Maria della Salute - Grande amore

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Hello dear Steemians,

It is Monday again and we are back to Steemit, I hope my dear friends, you still remember that we do not do anything on Steemit on weekends as we charge our Voting Power and use weekend for family activity.
The weekend we have had beautiful sunny days, had long work on coast, it was quite cold and windy but a lot of sunshine. It is a feeling of spring in the air.

For me spring is always associated with new inspiration, beauty and I start to think about summer holidays. There are many different places I want to visit and hopefully I will be able to do it, of course the question is how our budget is looking like and how much of annual leave I have left. We still depend much from our work and there are a couple of decade to go till our retirement.

My Watercolor painting of Santa Maria della Salute


But back to spring, I have had a new energy and mood to try Watercolor. My dear friends know how I recently tried watercolor multiple times but did not have much success, but I still wanted to try it again. So this weekend I gave watercolor and of course myself another chance.

The topic came very quickly, I have done many different paintings and drawings of Venice, so technically it was a bit easy topic and ideal to try watercolors. I looked again few tutorials and thought OK.. Watercolor I am coming…

Here are few photos of painting process:


Trenner groß.png


Trenner groß.png


Trenner groß.png


I am very excited to hear your comments for my painting and I hope you enjoyed it.
Trenner groß.png

Today the music comes from Italy :-)

Il Volo - Grande amore



Thank you for viewing my post :)

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Your painting @ stef1 is nice even though you think @ stef1 because its watercolors have a bad impression of the result, and your holiday inspiration @ stef1 until there is a post and new work from you @ stef1, overall I like to see your painting work .. good luck.


Thank you very much for visiting my post

beautiful <3


welcome sir :)

Wau,is beautiful art,l like your art, post is the best my friend


Thank you for your comment

that is a beautiful watercolour. You have captured the delicate transparency and fluidity of water colour . And the abstraction in the composition gives it a surreal quality :) ... Beautiful, @stef1. :)
I have yest to understand water colour properly :)


Thank you @nehab, I think it is one of the most difficult way of painting with watercolors, one little mistake and you can through the work out. I was glad it did work with that.


Yes... water colour is tough. No scope for errors. And managing the flow of water and colours is quite a task. I loved this one :).. You have a talent for it :)

Finde ich auch wieder sehr schön! Die Blau-Violetttöne gefallen mir sehr!


Danke Andy, es war harte Arbeit, aber es hat sich gelohnt :)

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Thank you, I am really grateful for choosing my work for re-steem!

I love it! I know painting with watercolors is hard, I have a friend that tells me so. But I sincerely love yours, @stef1, well done, you should be proud of it!


Thank you @nolasco, I was really positively surprised with this result, I am going to keep trying, thank you for comment!


Go, you are doing great!

Amazing! :)