wtf @shibasaki is your grandfather?! This post is cool to see on a few different levels now. Beautiful tree painting, great gift set, awesome post.

He's my grandpa on Steemit, yeah :).

I'm glad you like the post. Thank you, cryplectibles.

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Oooh...all that is fantastic ! the package with the endless stamps, the gifts (sweets and artistic), the love&care between you & grandpa, the way he teaches you so kindly and you receive him the same way...the beautiful painting you have done...😍

And the beautiful comment I received from you, that is an additional gift for me <333.

So beautiful gift you received! From the box full of awesome stamps to what there was inside of the box, everything looks great! 💙💙

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Yes indeed! A great gift. I didn't expect to receive anything when I joined Steemit, but we truly have an excellent community in this place :).

Those brushes look so beautiful in their newness. And your painting has a lovely newness about it too Scrawly ~ A feeling of freedom ~ No longer so afraid of the white paper now, and what it may or may not do.

Such a wonderful parcel to receive from @shibasaki. Love the stamps ~ would be perfect for some mixed media art journaling. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Hehehe I think it might only look like that in this picture, but why not. A little freedom is better than no freedom at all.

I would have done more mixed media art if I know what I'm doing. I've seen many other artists to be able to use everyday stuff and turn them into a beautiful new art. But for me, it's just blank going on in my mind.

Anyway, thank you for the lovely comment, as always. I'm quite excited to see what you are going to show us after your cocoon period is over :D.

Well done @scrawly I should have assumed you and @veryspider would be on the same 'lesson' :)

I LOVE the hungry caterpillar so those stamps are SO wonderful. And treats in the post, lucky you!

Keep at it you are becoming watercolour master in no time.

Hehehe the lesson is free for all, but for this one we completed it close to each other. I really like spider's sakura too and I was feeling a bit shy to show my work soon after, but then I remember that it's like that too every time I enter an art contest, people are going to draw something similar to each other's works and I just need to get used to it.

Thank you Donna, you are too kind :).



so awesome * ___ *


@shibasaki is the best ojiisan and sensei :D :D :D and i love your tree ! it has a nice and lively aspect to it, and i love the contrast * ___ * I like your sky too, and the reddish shadows underneath the tree is very lovely, too :D :D :D

SAKURA TREES~ * ___ *~

those treats looks yummo! and wow! SO MANY STAMPS ! that is super adorable omg * ___ *

you are a lucky scrawler, to be sure???!!!!!?????

what an awesome post * ___ * !!!!!

I am definitely very lucky. Probably roll a great RNG number when I was born :D.

The tree... is thankfully not bad. But I felt pretty uncertain at the middle of creating it. Maybe it's normal and as an artist, I need to be able to shrug it off.

Thanks spider :).

Shibasaki is a very generous teacher but you are a hard working student 😊 Enjoying the gifts, the watercolor tree is lovely 😊

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Awww thank you George ^_^.

I'm usually dumb enough to "preserve" my art tools and leave them forever in my drawer but I will use this one often and generously, so that I don't waste Shibasaki's gift.

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This is a really charming and lovely panting, @scrawly! Spectacular work!!!

Thanks trin. It looks like a disaster midway but thankfully not at the end.

So so prettyyyyyy!! The gifts, your cherry blossom tree! I love Japanese goodies too :D
Lucky you! Amazing grandpa you have!

Yes yes!!! I am indeed very lucky in life!

And my excitement level is pretty close to your enthusiastic comment :D.

It looks wild as you mixed the red and blue and at the same time it has an elegance to it =) It is very generous of grandpa @shibasaki to send you the lovely gifts. I am a huge fan of him and every art tutorial he makes has something new I can learn.

It does look like a mess in the middle of my painting. Thankfully when the water and paint are settled, it is not half bad.

Shibasaki-san is indeed a generous individual and I am a lucky person ^_^.


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Keep up the great work!


Awww yeah, I got a helpie cake! Nom nom <3.

What an awesome present :D Yay for snacks and wow that's a really impressive watercolour set! Can't wait to see what you make with it :)

Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh those Very Hungry Caterpillar stamps XD

ps that should have been what else besides fantastic looking sakura you come up with, coffee still kicking in, was too early in the morning for it to be early in the morning when i woke up XD

Ahhh yeah, now that I read your comment after the coffee, I don't need to mention the sakura tree again. Though I want to make an inverse joke about missing the forest for the tree but not clever enough to make it work kehehe.

Thanks fyn :).

I got woken up at 4:30am by the smell of smoke from outside...after going to bed sometime after 11. I am somewhat zombiefyn today XD

Wow, so nice of grandpa @shibasaki!
And those stamps are so cute! I love Eric Carle‘s art works.
I think you did a great job painting the Sakura tree with new watercolour set!

Ohhh are the stamps made by Eric Carle? I have no idea and I've never considered that some artists must have made those pretty stamps, but it must be true because some of them are really gorgeous. I used to collect them when I was a kid. Back then, I thought they're made by some kind of government's machine lol.

Thank you again Djynn-chan :).

Thoes red headed caterpillars are from Eric Carle’s book “The very hungry caterpillar”.
It was one of my kids favourite books...I read it to them many many time XD

What a super sweet gift! Those stamps are adorable and your sakura tree is gorgeous~

And your comment is sweet, thilah-chan <333!

Oh, That's good!
It is beautiful with a very simple composition! Nice drawing Sakura!😊

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Thank you ryo-san :).

Gosh - this is such an awesome post @scrawly! Your grandpas gift is incredible. And I love how you wrote this post! Your tree is very beautiful, of course, it helps that I love the color palette :) I will definitely check out @shibasaki and may even try my very own cherry tree. But for now I need to run, got to go to work...

I'm glad that you like the post and my art as well. Ahhh I'm sure your cherry blossom will be great, but don't worry, draw when you have the time. I certainly don't want you to draw at work and get into trouble hehehe.

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Thank you BlissFish and wokeprincess :).

Lovely :) both your painting and your storry :) Ulla

You are lovely too, Ulla <3.