❁ Lady Rafflesia ❁

in painting •  last year
After my attempt at drawing in traditional media yesterday, I ran away straight back into my so very comfortable digital world. Hello, old friend! I’ve only been gone for a day but I already missed you terribly. The return to familiarity compels me to draw something that I’m familiar with, so here I go, continuing my series of watercolour ladies :).

Today I am going to draw a flower that is suggested by @enternamehere. I was asking on my old post if anyone has seen an ugly flower, and Seana offered Rafflesia arnoldii, also known as ‘corpse lily’ because apparently it is a stinking smelly plant, with very strong odour similar to the smell of decaying flesh.

Let’s move on to the cool facts about this flower ^^. Wikipedia told me that Raflessia arnoldii is the biggest individual flower on Earth, and its flower can grow up to a massive one meter in diameter and its weight is about 11 kilograms. It is definitely the heavy weight in flower power. This giant flower is endemic to the rainforests in Sumatra, Indonesia. And due to its uniqueness, it is recognised as one of the three Indonesian national flowers.

Drawing process, step by step


I sketched the lady wearing a kebaya, an Indonesian traditional dress.


Flower Sketch

Then the giant flower! Unlike my other flower art, I only drew one flower in this picture because I want to emphasize its size. And I’m not sure if I would touch the stinking flower myself, but this is an illustration so I drew her quite happy to do it XD.


Background Sketch

The rainforest is next, I drew them lightly as placeholders.


The Lady in Colour

Nothing special here, I coloured her and her dress softly. I choose green again as her dress’ colour, I like green!


Colouring the Hair

Black haired character makes me happy, but I probably should level up my skill in drawing colourful hair since they’re harder to do for me. Maybe next time :).


Colouring Rafflesia

This flower has a very strange and peculiar texture. I was struggling to make sure that I coloured it evenly, I had to recolour it a few times.


The Rainforest in Colours

Green foliage everywhere. Fun!


Finished Art – Lady Raflessia

Lastly, I drew the tree in the forest. Here she is, Lady Raflessia.

big version

Copyright @scrawly - All Rights Reserved

Close up Details




Animation step by step


My flower watercolour series

I love how watercolour art looks like but I don’t have any real media materials with me. I will buy the stock one day, but for now, I am happy to experiment creating them digitally with watercolour brushes in Corel Painter. Since I am learning the tools, I will be making a series of watercolour art, I hope you will enjoy watching my experiments ^_^.

- Lady Bluebell -
- Lady Sunflower -
- Lady Peony -
- Lady Orchid -
- Lady Belladonna -
- Lady Lotus -
- Lady Rafflesia -
- Lady Tulip -
- Lady Palash -
- Lady Saffron -

My Steemit Journey

I am an artist who draw digitally with Wacom Intuos. I joined Steemit to share my art journey and to improve my skills, that’s why the art I showed here are newly made for Steemit audience first and foremost.

I’m also on this platform to meet nice and cool people, especially if they're passionate about art. Follow me if you want to be a part of my adventure, or say hi to me on popular Steemit servers on Discord, I frequent most of them.

See you around ♪

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woah, a 11 KILOGRAM flower O ___ O;;;;

that's pretty amazing XD and your piccar is lovely as always, scrawler :> the lady is so pretty and so elegant and i love her expression so much ! very beautiful~

nice soft colours makes the orange/red of the flower really pops, also :>

upvotes and resteems


I like her too, because she has a witty but graceful expression. Sometimes I can draw what I want, this is one of them lol.

Thank you :D.

an extraordinary work of real inspiration, contains a meaning and philosophy of a natural so beauty and wonderful.

earth raflesia is where I live. is located in Indonesia in the province of Bengkulu, precisely in tropical rainforest of taba penanjung village. this protected flower is a flower with a diameter of 1 meter in size. and made as a rare and protected puspa.

good job regards me @azroel from Bengkulu, Indonesia.


I'm very happy to know that an Indonesian appreciates my art about your beautiful culture :).
Terima kasih.

I'm the opposite as far as traditional vs digital. I use a brush for all my inking and anything digital frightens me. It amazes me that you did this digitally! well done!


We're truly living in an opposite world. I live down under in Australia, so geographically it might also be true lol.

Thank you :).

Wow, @scrawly, I'm amazed how you did all these textures using watercolor effect! Especially the flower - it's looking wonderful and very realistic! :O
I'm very fond of rainforests, even tho' we don't have them in our part of the planet.

Great job - with the composition, the choice of colors and her expression. I'm one of those people that is always looking the face of the character first. And I' loving this. ^.^


You like the flower? I am glad to hear that since I worked hard on that part :D.

I don't know if I like rainforest, maybe I like the thought of them? Hahaha, I am not sure if I want to visit one, I think the temperature might be humid and surely there will be lots of insects like mosquitoes around </3.

I also find drawing face to be funnest part in the process!! If I don't like the face, I don't usually continue the picture hehe.

Thank you, katty-chan ♥.


You're very welcome, @scrawly! ^.^
I agree with everything - I like the thought of rainforests too, really like drawing forests, but don't even imagine living there. XD

I always start sketching the face first and sometimes I leave it for days and even months if I don't like it. XD

Lady Rafflesia has such a look of calm serenity on her face. She is brave to sit so close to the stink! Perhaps she's been blessed with the inability to detect odor :) Another fine lady to join your growing collection.


Hehehe, if you put it that way, I guess it's a gift not to be able to be distracted by smelly stuff XD.

Thank you, Seana.

she looks so lovely,
your art works look like they come from a fairy tale :D
nice work


That's a sweet thing to say, kothy! Thank you ^_^.

Wow, really nice work! Like the hair value - very simple but elegant) You have your own style


I'm happy to receive your kind words, thank you movaliz :).

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