❁ Lady Bluebell ❁

in painting •  last year

The flower bluebell has a very descriptive name, I think, unlike other plants. It’s a bulbous perennial plant, widely popular as garden plants, especially in United Kingdom. Apparently it’s the top favourite flower over there, so much so that they decided to ban it as a choice in the poll for the nation’s favourite flower because it keeps winning (❛ัॢᵕ❛ั ॢ)✩.

I adore how this flower looks, because it looks exactly like its name, a blue bell XD.

big version

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I love how watercolour art looks like but I don’t have any real media materials with me. I will buy the stock one day, but for now, I am happy to experiment creating them digitally with watercolour brushes in Corel Painter. Since I am learning the tools, I will be making a series of watercolour art, I hope you will enjoy watching my experiments ^_^.

Close up Details



Animation step by step


My flower watercolour series

- Lady Bluebell -
- Lady Sunflower -
- Lady Peony -
- Lady Orchid -
- Lady Belladonna -
- Lady Lotus -

My Steemit Journey

I am an artist who draw digitally with Wacom Intuos. I joined Steemit to share my art journey and to make some cool friends. Follow me if you want to be a part of my adventure, or say hi to me on popular Steemit channels on Discord. I frequent most of them, Steem Artists especially.

See you around ♪

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oooh blue bells~ they are really magical to me~ sometimes when i saw them when i was a lil spoder i'd squat down to crane my ears to them just in case they'd ring ring a lil sound that i wouldnt be able to hear if i didn't listen well ^ ___ ^

very pretty drawing, scrawly~ love the hat also ! i dont have many in real, but i love drawing 'em. Specially pretty ones :D :D :D

upvotes and resteems


You are one crazy kid!!! What happens if bugs crawl to your face D:
I don't have many hats either, my head gets swallowed by most hats as if they're some kind of face huggers. But I like drawing them on my characters, maybe they will also get eaten by the head monster?

nice painting , loved it ^_^


Thank you ^_^.

Gives me a nice mood. I like the softness and seeing the process. To be honest I'm eally torn apart between your colored version and the one that is just a sketch, because both of them look somehow finished, attractive and also different of values from one another.


Thank you, Diana. I love your art and I wish I have a consistent style like yours but I guess I'm still finding it. But for now, I am glad to know that you like them equally :).

I love how you did the flowers and the hat!


Flowers are fun for me to draw! Maybe as fun as drawing serial killer for you? XDDDD
Thank you thilah :).


Ahahahaha Baylen is fun to draw and you're welcome!

I absolutely adore this! The blue bells are lovely and I really like how you painted the hat.


Sometimes I messed up drawing hats, so I'm glad that this one turns out alright :D.
Thank you, dear foxchan <33333.

Beautiful work, I love watercolor too and I would be happy to see your watercolor painting


I am glad to hear that! I will draw more watercolour style art ^_^.

Very elegant!


Thank you :D!

this one looks so lovely
good luck getting the materials :D
watercolor can be quite fun to paint with, but don't forget to get crayons as well, since it's almost impossible to get dark or strong colors with watercolors


I think I will have to practice a lot more before I venture to real watercolour, but thanks for the tips kothy. I will keep that in mind ^_^.

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