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Awwwww yeah! I finally can make this post. This is my 366th post on Steemit, which means that I have been drawing every day for a year ^________________^.

Achievement Unlocked

My Steemit Journey

So to recap, my account got approved last year on the third of April, but I only found out days later because I was too busy didn’t check my email. Steemd gave me these birthday cakes a few days ago ^_^.

Steemit Account Birthday

It took me several months waiting to get my account, so in the meantime when I was still locked outside, I was planning on what to post on Steemit once I got in. I decided that I could use extra motivation to draw regularly and that’s exactly what happened. I made my first post at 9 April 2018 and since then on, except at the Hard Fork 20 week when I couldn’t post and have no resource credits, I have been drawing and posting every single day.

I have learnt many stuff from posting everyday to Steemit, like learning how to make a post in Markdown, creating animation for showing drawing process, figuring out WordPress, checking out Discord.

I have also tried multiple art programs, and I’m happy to say that I’m comfortable enough with all of them to draw with, though none of them can dethrone my love for Photoshop. I’ve picked up real pencil again to draw! Which is a big surprise for me, and now I’ve even drawn in watercolours. I would have never expected that since I learn to draw in digital.

I’ve met lots and lots of people, gained 911 followers as in this writing, joined lots of communities, and befriended some nice people. A few of them are VERY nice people and whenever I realise this, I’ve always felt lucky :D.

It’s been a long journey. It is a hard journey, which at the beginning of it, I didn’t think that I could do it all. I was pretty happy when I posted consecutively for a week, and when I completed my first month, I began to wonder if it’s actually possible for me to draw and post everyday.

Here we are, one full year after and I have made close to four hundred pictures. To me, that is a significant quantity, since I didn’t draw regularly before. Obviously I wonder if I have improved as an artist doing this daily exercise, which is the main reason why I did it. I think I have, certainly visible in some areas and not so much in others. One thing for sure, I can draw faster now, which is important to me.

I will take a break from posting and drawing for now, not sure for how long. After all that daily posting, I think it’s fine for me to have no obligation that I have to honour to myself.

See you around and keep being awesome.

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Happy steemiversary! XD And yay for drawing every day for a year!


Glad you didn't and that you managed it though, achievement to be proud of! Yep definitely take a break, because same thing I say to everyone else XP

And wow that pic O_O

Hahaha I’m glad I didn’t burn out in advance of my ambitious goal. I was quite worried some times through the journey, but I was lucky that when things started to stall, I’ve got some new ideas and inspirations to keep going. The last month of learning how to watercolour certainly helped me to have enough stuff to keep up my daily posting.

Now I will take a break and enjoy my Sunday :D.

Thanks for being there all along, fyn. You’re GREAT and AWESOME ^_^.

It's fun to see what comes out of your head via various art implements :)

Deifnitely enjoy your Sunday :D

Concratulation on you first year :) It has been an adventure to follow you, see your paintining every day. Not from the start though! Took time for me too to "see", but your paintings are an inspiration. And you have been improving. I hope to plan to keep gooing? Ulla

I will definitely keep drawing, and I have already some plans on how to improve myself further. It’s good that I don’t have to post everyday anymore, so I can experiment and “fail” more. I think to fail often will help me improve faster... that’s the idea anyway.

Thank you Ulla, you weren’t there at the beginning of my journey, but I really notice it when you came and joined my art adventure since I treasure all the comments you have given me <3.

Your artwork is only going to get better over time. Thank you for being here and liberating me from my own self imposed mental prison when it comes to drawing. I will do another "Something For Scrawly" episode at some point once I get enough images together.

Once again, thank you.

Keep drawing, shaidon! I think it would be sweet when eventually you make an art post titled “something for myself”.

Thank you for your support :).

It might be a while but we'll see.

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Wow mate. I could use the draw/create something daily. Congrats! I know is something that's not easily achieved. It takes discipline and of course energy. I just can say that these last watercolor pieces look really neat and finely rendered. The faces and expressions are vivid as the colors and the use of the watercolors feels super tight. You're doing great and you'll do greater. Take that well deserved break. I feel lucky I can follow your work. I really enjoy it and is inspiring.

Hehe before I joined Steemit, I didn’t draw everyday either. I had so many excuses not to do it, some of them were justified but mostly I was lazy and had no self discipline. Making a crazy commitment that I thought I would fail actually made me achieve the impossible lol.

I feel equally lucky to know you and enjoy your artworks too. Extra bonus since you’re super nice person hahaha <3333.

I must make a commitment like that. Just have to prepare mentally during some days... or weeks hahaha. There's so much bad vibe out there, we've to be nice between us internerds.
( ̄ω ̄)

grats! you did it!!! you amazing being, you! \o/ you really did it!!!

i think you have grown leaps and bounds in the year, scrawls, and you certainly have challenged yourself loads, too, even picking up watercolour and real pencil, when you started the year entirely on digital media....!

i’m glad you persevered :) i hope you’ve met more nicer people than not, as well, through the year :) and that you have enjoyed being on this platform and i hope you will have continuous success in the future, too ❤️

you certainly have earned NOT having to post every day ! enjoy your break !!!

love you, scrawleroo!

I DID IT!!!!!!! ୧( ⁼̴̶̤̀ω⁼̴̶̤́ )૭

I certainly have met a lot of nice people, some of you give me such wonderful supports, I was thinking to make a list of thank you, but I’m afraid it might make some people that I forgot to write feeling left out and unappreciated ^^;.

Anyway, without all the support, commentary, monetary, pep talk, motivational speech, inspirational posts, many heroic act of kindness, random generosities that people do, and other stuff, I don’t think I would have succeeded without them.

You are such a big support for me, spideroo, since your awesome level is beyond 9000, and you have been instrumental in my art journey. I’ve always felt fortunate and lucky to know you. Thank you!!! <3 <3

You both are making me all weepy, CONGRATS! OMEDETO!

That's AWESOME @scrawly! :D Most people on this planet can't do what you've done here. Having the discipline to do something you've set your sights on every single day for a year is definitely something to be proud of. Also, I've been watching all this time, like a phantom in the rafters of your art gallery(🤣) and I can say you've definitely improved. Keep it up! :)

Aww midlet. You’ve been there since I started and I’m glad that you’re watching like a phantom lol. I’ve also been enjoying your posts, all those box artworks that you make give me new appreciation for cubes! <3

Thank you, it’s been a journey and it is easier and funner to have you alongside :D.

piccar so lovely, scrawls! the skin tone is wonderfully done, her cheeks and lips and nose are so delicate and yet lush with vivacity and blush 💓 so beautiful!

love her hair and her dress and her bouquet of flowers too! the definition of the petals are so finely drawn and i love all the colours of nature and happiness in this portrait!

what a smashing picture to wrap your year of drawing daily for a year!!!

well done!!!

This picture started as watercolour piece but I finished it in Photoshop since I’m still much more comfortable and faster with digital drawing. I’m glad you like it, I was pretty exhausted when I created this one. I guess the feeling of drawing everyday and then to feel that I was at the finished line made me feel all the weight and impatience when I painted this last picture. Also it didn’t help that I drew this in the middle of the night, hoping that I would be able to finish it on time. Instead, my body was tired and the light was bad to draw. Somehow I still managed to complete it, so it’s all good.

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Proszę Kulfonusha (Scrawly but cutesy)!!!!~

And the greatest benefit is the improvement of your art because 400 pictures is a lot and that makes also an improvement of commitment in creating..😉
So big applause for you , you did wonderfully till yet and you had great time along the way, didn't you ? 😊

Yes, I did, sweet Barbara, I had a great time! Of course sometimes I feel tired and unmotivated, but most of the times I feel happy and upbeat.

And you and your kindness and your lovely artworks are part of why I have such great time on Steemit :).

Thank you for the lovely cake and balloons <3.

I can easily relate on your occasionnal tiredness and unmotivation @scrawly, I also post daily and there was a time last year when during 6 months I was also daily posting in the same time with my second account @luigi-the-gnome,

and Luigi was organising drawing contests each week, and as he is a garden gnome, yes you guess it, he needed my hands, my spirit, my inspiration and my motivation...LoL...
So from January till July I kept him and his account alive, and it was a lot of fun and entertainment, I dedicated a lot of time to the participants, commenting their participation post, featuring them in a weekly edition with a nice and encouraging speech, distributing prizes and words of congratulations, announcing beautifully the next contest, reminding the contest for the late participants, judging the contest in a way everyone will have a satisfying feeling in their, this was a lot !
3cg3mvc8hb.png <---this was the magazine issues I was releasing at least two times in the week to feature all participants..there were all winners by the promotion I made of their accounts in fact ❤️

and it was aside of my own account where I already posted daily, so the contests began to bury me inside, this was slowly but surely, and one day I noticed that I would loose my joy if I'd go on like that, and there is not a thing on earth more important for me than to keep aligned with my joyous soul, so I decided the experiment was over for now, and I focused back on my joyful art and just sharing that on Steemit... ;-)

I think it is the first time I tell this story...LoL It's fairly rare I talk about what is going wrong and it might be because I never consider it as a "going wrong" thing but as something I am experiencing and can decide at any moment to end up 😊

The painting at the end of this post is really beautiful..Love it ! I forgot to tell you 😊

You have two accounts and both of them did daily posting, including commenting and responding to other people's posts? No wonder that your joy to create decreased.

Even keeping one account is already difficult for me, though I really should crosspost to multiple sites and broaden my horizon. The community in Steemit is tight knit and lovely but it is small and not accessible by most people. Hmm now that's something that I have to consider, thank you for the lovely conversation ^_^.

Congratulations on your achievement @scrawly.
Also congratulations on your great degree of the quality artwork, beautiful.

Thank you, Alenia. You are such a great and pleasant mystery that I've encountered on Steemit. Your artworks are unique and refreshing as if it comes from the mysterious creative force itself, and I've enjoyed looking at them.

I'm happy you like my art as well <3.

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woaaaaah! This clearly calls for the best cake! Let's see what helpiecake comes up with do do do.....
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Mmmmmm!!!! Got a nummy cake for my one year of posting! Awww yeah!

It's great to achieve something hard and got a cake lol. Thanks eon and helpie <3.

Congrats, Scrawly! A fantastic achievement (I really miss my Xbox 360 hahaha). It's really inspiring to see other artists work so hard, I don't think I could get inspired to come up with something new every day.

It's awesome to take a break for a while, I didn't draw or paint for two months and when I got back I was scared of having lost the 'touch' but luckily it comes back fast.

I understand pretty well the feeling of being anxious to draw again after a long time of not doing so, because I rarely drew before I joined Steemit. It still feels unreal to me that I have managed to draw and post everyday, and yeah, coming with new inspiration of what to draw, executing it well, and hoping that what I drew are not repetitive bore are haaaaarrd.

Thank you Juan :).

Hey, @scrawly.

Congratulations on the STEEM anniversary, and on the daily art posts. I doubt there's many who can say that here! Daily posts of any kind, really. That's an amazing accomplishment.

I suppose it shows what a person can do when they decide to do it and then make the effort and have the discipline to make it a reality. Of course loving what you do and having a passion for it is pretty much a must too.

Amazing. Well done. Keep it up. :)

Hey Glen :),

Daily drawing and posting is indeed hard work, especially for someone like me who used to take days to finish one picture. It still feels unreal like a dream.

I definitely think the continuous support I've received from nice people help me a lot during my journey. Couldn't do it without you guys, so thank you very much for the lovely comment ^_^.

Your artwork is one of the things I look forward to seeing here every day. Congratulations on keeping it up for a year!

And yes, you can definitely see an improvement with regular practice. First in the digital work and then the traditional watercolors. I love that you're so eager to experiment with different styles and mediums.

If you keep growing this fast as an artist you're going to need a bigger world.

Have a nice break - but come back soon!

I'm very happy to know that you look forward to my art everyday, as an artist it's always good to hear that my art is appreciated :).

I have a lot of appreciation about different art styles and medium that's why I like trying them all. I find out that trying different stuff gives me new energy and inspiration to create. It's a curious thing but when my mind is entertained, it's easier for me to draw as well.

You have always been very sweet and thoughtful, thank you for all the fish, Winston :).

This super exciting and I am thinking.. after reading your post.. super satisfying. You have more than earned your break from daily creating. I can't set a goal like that for myself. My life at this point is to unpredictable and a bit complicated for it. So I am both jealous and proud of you. I am also happy to hear that Steemit has not been a regret for you, but rather the opposite. Our time is limited (I realize this more everyday). Knowing that you took YOUR time to make and foster new relationships, dedicate some of it to art, and gave tons of support.. KUDOS to you!!

Congratulations on this accomplishment!

I would send you flowers.. because you deserve them :-D ... but I can not due to your anonymity.. so you'll just have to enjoy ours we have sitting on our island in the kitchen.

Enjoy your day off! hehe.

Hahaha it's better to receive these beautiful virtual flowers anyway, I'm a whimsical person who feels sad when the plant start to wither and die. At least these will stay yellow and beautiful forever.

Yes, it is super satisfying. Even now it still feels unreal and it gives me happiness and contentment. And the fact that I actually get a lot of extra things on top of just achieving what I planned to do, like learning many new stuff and experiencing new things and befriending so many nice people, it definitely makes me feel like I've been rewarded double or triple fold than just growing as an artist.

Our time is indeed limited, it is a sad fact that I feel almost everytime I look at my doggos. Such ephemeral creatures they are but they are worth the pain and the incoming inevitable sadness when we have to part ways with them. I feel people are similar too but we take our families and friends and our selves for granted because we live longer.

I try not to take people for granted now so if I don't say it enough, let me say it once more, thank you for all the support and kindness that you've given me :).

hey congratulations for a year here, it's amazing how time passes so fast, and I thank you so much for having met you, I've always admired your work, and I'm really going to miss you, I hope you come back soon. You have made a great effort, it is difficult to publish every day and you really deserve rest.
Thank you for all the support you have given to all the artists and me.
I love him very much
Greetings and blessings for you.

Francis, you've always put effort and dedication on all the things that you do, not only in your artworks which are beautiful and intricate, but also to give me such sweet and thoughtful comments.

It is not a permanent goodbye and I'm happy to know that you are looking forward to my next post. Thank you very much.


Congrats scrawly! Happy Steemit anniversary~ You've made so many amazing pics(this one included) you definitely deserve a break! Hope you have a good one~

Thilah! <3

You're such a sweet person, and your art has such a sweet flavour I feel like eating candy whenever I look at them. I'm glad that I meet you on Steemit ^_^.

Really nice drawing @scrawly and congrats on your milestone. That certainly takes a lot of dedication to post everyday!

Thanks Jeremy.

Yeah, it's a lot work. Kind of a crazy achievement that made me surprised myself the fact that I could do it. So I think it's going to be beer o clock for a few days at least lol.

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scrawly<3 scrawly<3 scrawly<3

Jesus <3!!!

Wow. Top effort scrawly. That's a lot of art, which I've enjoyed over the past year (when I've been around). Yes, you deserve a break for sure. Go play with some doggies for a bit.

Yep. I’m going to enjoy my Sunday and do fuck all for today.

Thanks for being there in my Steemit journey :).

Congratulations on your one year on Steem! ❤️🎉

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Thanks Ciel :).

It’s nice to see you posting again, I thought you quit.

I did for quite a while, but I did some paintings recently that I thought would be fun to share. (^・ω・^ )

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hermosa cara, de verdad es una de los rostros mas perfecto que e visto te felicito scrawly por tu hermoso trabajo

Muchas gracias, Andrea :).

Congratulations @scrawly that is an amazing achievement! I would go crazy if I have to post a new drawing every day. I can say you did improve a lot. Enjoy the well deserved break! Hug

Hehehe to counter, Sander, I think you're already crazy lol. I feel all good artists are a little crazy and that's why the artworks are interesting to look at ;).

And thank you!!! :D

Your talent and persistence is admirable, @scrawly! I always enjoy seeing your art in my feed, so just continue your great work ^_^

Awww! I am so very happy when people tell me they like looking at my daily art on their feed. Nice little gestures like your sweet comment always makes my day brighter.

Thank you :).

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Such a lovely painting to symbolize the completion of sharing your artwork every single day for a WHOLE year Scrawly. As many have already commented it's not something that many people would be capable or able to do but you've kept that burning desire alive ~ And as a result your work and most likely your entire being has strengthened and bloomed.

Your work has improved so much over the year. Especially since you started going back to hand drawn and painted work. I remember seeing the first drawing ~ A still life, and really admiring it ~ And now your graphic skills and knowledge and love of game characters combined with watercolour has a uniqueness all of its own. Your determination and growth has also been such an inspiration for me personally, wanting/needing to start painting once again but hardly knowing how or where to start.

I've been mulling this over for sometime and your advice has made it easier to actually state now: For one week, I'll draw/paint every day and share whatever happens. And go from there. Like
@bdmillergallery there are days when my time is very limited ~ But somehow I'll allow for those days.

I truly hope you enjoy the lifting of your self-imposed regime and that the new freedom will bring something new again into whatever you do. It's important to have breaks and the feeling of not being obligated to 'perform' will enable you to fail and learn on a whole new level again. Many blessings on your new creative journey Scrawly. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Ally, you're such a great treasure of Steemit <3.

Your knowledge, integrity, kindness, beautiful and soulful approach to life have certainly made me feel fortunate to know you. I am glad that my journey has inspired you, and I am happy to know that we will see your post everyday for at least a week. That sounds exciting to me ^_^.

Being released from my personal obligation to draw and post everyday still feels alien to me. Relieved for sure but there's also a feeling of uneasiness as if I ought to be more productive since I didn't finish a picture yesterday. It's definitely the habit kicking in, I guess that's good because I still want to grow a lot more as an artist. And I also wonder what will happen now, as a person I am definitely more productive when I have a strict schedule to follow, but I also know that I couldn't do that daily regime forever. I'll stop worrying for now and just enjoy my break. The future is always an unknown factor, scary and exciting at the same time :).

Imma miss seeing your posts every day, but I get it.

I do hope you come back with more drawings down the road though. <3

I think I will. Just need a holiday from all the grinding days :).

Thank you for enjoying my arts 🤗.

Hello @scrawly, congrats on the 1 years steemiversary and congrats on choosing for yourself and not doing this for a certain amount of time.

Personal motivation is really important for me.

Thanks Britt and Josie :).

A whole year of drawing and a whole year on steemit! Congratulations on that!

I certainly haven't been around for long enought to see the start of your journey, but from what I saw you certainly improved so much and took a new media - watercolor! and that's just awesome :D

I'm hoping your second year here is going to be even more fun and amazing than this one! :D

Ahhhh what a sweet comment, Wilnonis!
Some days I can feel quite blue without any apparent reason, but your kind comment rejuvenates me, so thank you <3.

I am so proud of you for succeeding in your challenge, how ironic that we were doing a similar challenge at the same time! I remember the love RC right after HF20, it brings me back.

I feel like I am just getting to know you but I can relate to your art, I am a big anime fan.
The art for this post is absolutely exquisite and hearing about your journey, it inspires me to push my art further.

I love it here where we can relate to each other’s journey.

Ahhh I'm so glad if my journey can inspire other people to explore their artistic site :). I agree with you that it's great that people can relate with each other on Steemit, there are a lot of good people in this community.

And it's good to meet another anime fan ^_^.

She is SO lovely and congrats for sure @scrawly an entire year well done!

Thanks very much, Donna. My Steemit journey is certainly more pleasant since you're part of it :).

That is quite an impressive feat of dedication and execution. Congratulations. Please don't go away for too long.

Hey Matt! I feel good to know you even if we only meet recently.

Thank you =).

Hello @scrawly, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

Thank you creativecrypto :).

Congratulations! Every day for a year!That is awesome and hey! Happy Birthday! :)

See you soonish!


It is a lot of hard work, glad that I achieved it.

Thank you ^_^.

The pleasure is mine!

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Happy Steemversary @scrawly!!! To draw and post every single day! I couldn't do it. There were days that I just didn't feel like posting or didn't know what to post :D It is so nice knowing you, to get to appreciate your talent and thank you for your support! Take the break you totally deserve and see you soon! :) Love the painting! Is that you? So preetttyyyY!

No, the lady is not me. If it's me, I would totally look haggard and tired because I didn't sleep to finish drawing the picture hahaha.

It is hard work to post and create art everyday, I know how you feel about not feeling like posting. I feel like that quite often actually, which is part of the reasons why I forced myself to do it. I find out that I am more productive with strict regime, despite groaning and whining about it lol.

Thank you my friendly marblely <3.

That's cute that you have been here 365 days and very consistent.

I really liked the way you have updated your age with cake smiley, but how we update it?

I'm not sure what you mean with "updated my age with cake smiley", but if you're referring to Steemd, they give it to you automatically on your account's birthday date.

Thank you :).

Yeah steemd is what I was referring to, that's cool