Painted on cardboard for Dexpartacus

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Ciao a tutti

Painted on cardboard for Dexpartacus

A few weeks ago I asked Dexpartacus,
if it could interest a painting that depicts him, ... as always he was very helpful and passed me an image ,with him and his girlfriend.... At this point I created a painting -stencil, quite abstractly on a cardboard ...... it was really a pleasure for me to make this drawing

The result


Used materials:
Cardboard 35 x 50
Acrylics Maimeri -Acryl
Acetate sheet
Black marker

The original photo

With your permission to publish it

The various steps







More photos and some color changes


mod green.jpg
mod pink.jpg


My work

Bob Marley - Get Up Stand Up


Bellissimi!! Complimenti ai modelli e al disegnatore!!!!

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Più ai modelli naturalmente...🤣
Mitico Mad!!!!
Il disegnatore è un eroe!!😀

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Yeah mate!!! You rules!!! Thanks a lot with my Heart!! WE LOVE IT!!!👏🍻✌️💪

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yeah!!!!!mi fa strapiacere che vi sia piaciuto lo stencil.......!!!!!


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