Paint on paper-Horse-Ran

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Ciao a tutti

Paint on paper-Horse-Ran

Stencil -Paint

Yesterday I started this painted stencil and since there were flaws and it was still wet from the spray can, I decided to finish fixing the last details today ..

My result


Used materials :

Cardboard 35 x 50
Spray can
Black-blue marker

Photographic inspiration

Step by step

collage 1.jpg
collage 2.jpg
collage 3.jpg

Now I have dried the spray and the acrylic ... seeing defects on the mouth, today I have fixed some details ....



mY stencil paint

Replay to infinity

Vasco Rossi-Canzone


Bellissimo! Complimenti.

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Wow... It's a great artwork... A full of life horse... Greetings

ti ringrazio :)))

Love your horse in various applications and textures :)

grazie mille :)))

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Grazie per il supporto! :)

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