Tiger painted oil step by step

in painting •  8 months ago

¨Tiger among the leaves¨

oil on canvas 150x100 cm - 59x39 inches

First I draw the tiger on the canvas with a pencil. I start by painting the eyes and face.


His head is already complete but he still has no details


The body is already completed and the places are seen with lights and shadows.

Now I paint the background.


Finally, I can devote myself to the details to get to the final result

Thank you very much for watching my artwoks !!!!

Mi website: http://normazaro.com/

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Cats' hearing stops at 65 khz (kilohertz); humans' hearing stops at 20 khz.


The tiger emits a sound in its roar that paralyzes its prey !!


It may take as long as 2 weeks for a kitten to be able to hear well. Their eyes usually open between 7 and 10 days, but sometimes it happens in as little as 2 days.

This is lit. You are very talented @normazaro UPVOTED... I just love seeing artists on this platform


Thank you very much, I am happy that you like my artwork!

A domestic cat can run at speeds of 30 mph.

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excellent attention to detail! great job :)


Thank you very much.

Beautiful work, quality and delivery ... out of series. Le seguiré


Thank you very much.

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