Portrait hawk painted in oil

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Retrato de halcon pintado en oleo

oil on canvas 18x24 cm - 7x9 inches

This is a small and common falcon in my country, Argentina. It is characterized by "hawking", that is, staying for some time in the air in one place, flapping vigorously, while locating its prey on the ground, on which it rushes to capture them. It feeds on rodents, insects, reptiles, and sometimes other birds. It does not build a nest, and it puts up to five beige eggs with reddish spots, in holes located in trees, ravines or human constructions. It seems to me a beautiful example, that's why I paint it!

  • Este es un halcon pequeño y comun en mi pais, Argentina. Se caracteriza por “halconear”, esto es, mantenerse durante cierto tiempo en el aire en un mismo lugar, aleteando vigorosamente, mientras localiza sus presas en el suelo, sobre las que se abalanza para capturarlas. Se alimenta de roedores, insectos, reptiles, y a veces de otros pájaros. No construye nido, y pone hasta cinco huevos de color beige con machas rojizas, en huecos ubicados tanto en árboles, como en barrancas o construcciones humanas. A mi me parece un bello ejemplar, por eso lo pinto!!

Thank you very much for watching my artwoks !!!!

Mi website: http://normazaro.com/


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Such a lovely and rich colours on this hawk, @normazaro ! I love the patterning on its fur/feathers very much <3

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You are really good. so the thumbnail and thought it was real.

You got some mad skills !

Beautyful work!

The details are incredible for a painting this size. We mostly have Redtail Hawks and Bald Eagles here in NJ USA. Great piece!

🎉 Congratulations @normazaro! 👏, your amazing Artwork has been selected to be featured in my curation post.

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