Beautiful puppy painted in oil

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Hermoso perrito pintadO en oleo

oil on canvas 35x45 cm

This is a painting I made to order. He is a beautiful foxterrier. I like being able to capture the spirit of the animal in a painting, for that I need many pictures of the different pose, if I can not see it personally.

  • Esta es una pintura que hice por encargo. Es un hermoso foxterrier. Me gusta poder capturar el espiritu del animal en una pintura, para eso necesito muchas foto de el distintas pose, si es que no puedo verlo personalmente.

Thank you very much for watching my artwoks !!!!

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I also want to see the process.

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Sorry, it's a painting I made a few years ago and I do not have photographs of the process.

I see. If it was content we could know about the process, I wanted to nominate your article. I am @ocd curator.

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Tomorrow I publish a painting with the images of the process. Thank you very much for your interest in my work!

Very lovely painting of this very adorable dog, @normazaro :)

Me gusta sus pinturas sobre animales , gracias por compartir lo que hace ,saludos.