Heron with chick painted in oil

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Garza con polluelo pintada en oleo

oil on panel 20x25 cm - 8x10 inches

The felines are my passion as models but I also love the birds and I paint them. I am part of a club of birdwatchers and we went out to the countryside to see them in their habitat and photograph them and I was inspired to paint them. This white heron in its nest is beautiful.

  • Los felinos son mi pasion como modelos pero tambien amo las aves y las pinto. Formo parte de un club de observadores de aves y salimos mal campo para verlas en sus habitad y fotografiarla y yo me inspiro para pintarlas. Esta garza blanca en su nido es hermosa.

Thank you very much for watching my artwoks !!!!

Mi website: http://normazaro.com/


Oh what a beautiful painting ! The lighting is absolutely wonderful, splashing the heron with a soft golden glow and it almost looks like a mystical bird because of it <3 Gorgeous painting !

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