Cat eyes painted in oil

in #painting3 years ago

The mysterious eyes of the cat

oil on canvas 20x25 cm - 8x10 inches

I love cats, their mystery, their look, their walk. I like to look at them and understand their language. They are made to understand with gestures and looks. The cats are beautiful!

Thank you very much for watching my artwoks !!!!

Mi website:


hello @normazaro, looks like you do some beautiful work and I just went to your website and I want to congratulate you on your hard work and beautiful results!!! As an artist here, I highly recommend showing some of your process or show your work in a way that shows you painting or something that makes it more personal. welcome to steemit!

Thank you very much, I'm happy that you like my artwork. These paintings are old, in the newest I will show them step by step. It makes each painting take me a lot. I like a lot of time. I really like Steemit !!! Regards!!!

Glad you are enjoying your experience here on steemit! I understand how it is with old pieces, I have the same situation where I have many old pieces and I made them long before I ever considered documenting any process. What I've done with those is to discuss how I work, shown photos of my work space, or a show they were in. My work also takes forever to make so I don't have too many to show.

It's great to show photos of your studio or talk about how you work or anything that may be useful for you to discuss! The point is to create more of a story that people can connect with and that interests you. I know as artists we're taught that the work should stand alone, but here on Steemit, it's a blog platform rather than instagram or facebook type social media so we want to know more - more personalized, more of a story.

You should certainly do you are most comfortable with and I certainly don't intend to be pushy, only helpful! My suggestions are simply because I see you are talented and I would like to see you earn more for your work. I wish you the best and will keep my eye on your blog! Cheers

Thank you very much for your advice, you are very kind. I will do as you say. Today I will make a post of a painting step by step. Regards!!

Unlike dogs, cats do not have a sweet tooth. Scientists believe this is due to a mutation in a key taste receptor.

It is true but they select their food very well, they only eat what they like.

Many people in China consider cats a "warming" food that is perfect to eat during the winter

Thank you very much

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Your work is absolutely amazing! Love cats too :-)

Thank you very much, I admire your artwork too!

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