Two sparrows painted in acrylic

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Dos gorriones pintados en acrilico

acrilyc on canvas 10x15 cm

These little birds make us happy with their songs and their presence in our cities. They are bold and hover around anyone who gives them some food. I like these simple and abundant birds that accompany us in the city!

  • Estos sensillos pajaritos nos alegran la vida con sus cantos y con su presencia en nuestas ciudades. Son audaces y revolotean alrededor de cualquier persona que les de algo de alimento. Me gustan estos simple y abundantes pajaritos que nos acompañan en la ciudad!

Thank you very much for watching my artwoks !!!!

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Amazing artwork 🎨 nature is truly beautiful 👌

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Such cute little sparrows ! I love them <3 the green moss on the branch is so lovely, as well <3 Wonderful painting, @normazaro <3

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