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  What do you think the major differentiating factor between a city life and a village life that makes you choose between the two of them? Looking forward to your comments. In the meanwhile, enjoy my version of the two lives in the below two paintings of mine..  

A typical indian village

A view of a city life

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Lovely paintings! I like their mood. Now, you have a new follower :)


Thank you so much. Totally loving the blog specially the piece on tears of a woman! Didnt take me a second to follow you

Nice painting, i like the typical village its very vibrant!


I like the feel of it too :)

I have been following you since your first post. Great job!

Lovely posts, keep em coming !

Really nice impresionistic stuff. A good feel to it.


I am glad you liked it.

Beautifully done! :) Next time use art as your primary tag as it might have a greater visibility! :)


Thank you for your generous tip. Started my journey on Steemit recently so a lot to learn about the things that work on it. To be very honest, I am a bit shocked to see your suggestion. Most of the people wont even bother to look into the posts carefully let alone advising on improving it. Only people like you make Steemit worthy. Bless you.
P.S I have made 'art' as a primary tag in my latest post. Thanks to you

Nice works! There is a certain beauty in the struggle of a city life, I like how the second painting makes that come to life, to me that is.


Certainly! A city life is marked with a sense of ambition which in relative terms is not there much in village life

I don't see why you call yourself and "occasional" painter. You are a painter and a very good one. You just may not do it all the time. That is your personal pattern. I enjoy looking at your take on things.


I definitely try to post more frequently. Its just making a good quality stuff(in my capacity) makes me to post not so frequently. Thank you for your kind words.


I think you are a perfectionist. Loosen up - you can make mistakes - find a balance

I love them. Both are beautiful! Nice work!


Thank you. I am glad you liked them

good paintings, And especially the first one "A typical indian village