It has been a long time - I have new art to share, though! (Recreating, acrylic on canvas)

in painting •  4 months ago

A few months ago, my husband, me, our 10 month old boy and black lab decided to sell off a bunch of stuff and to move out of our rental unit and to hit the road! We camped for 3 months and now we have settled into a new town and I am working on a new Art Exhibit. I will have plenty of content to share and am ready to get back to steeming!

I will have to freshen up my posting skills, as I have forgotten most of which I had learned.

When I embarked on my trip, my account was worth about 800 and I see it is now around 280 so it seems like a perfect time to start creating more content.


I am thrilled to be back and will do my best to post regularly. I look forward to checking out the feed and upvoting the great content.

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It almost has the appearance of molten glass. Very beautiful