Oil Painting Master Study of One of My Favorite Portraits 🎨

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Hi Guys! 😀

Not that long ago I started a YouTube channel where I share oil painting information, inspiration, tips and advice!

This is one of my most recent videos where I paint a time-lapse of a study I made from one of my all-time favorite paintings, ''Marie Krøyer'', painted by her husband P.S. Krøyer.

For this study, I gave myself a time limit of two hours, so the main goal of the study was to just have fun and practice spontaneous decision-making. 🤓

I find that master copies and studies are great for exercising design, brush strokes and so much more.💗

I would love to make a proper master copy of this painting at one point, but for now, at least I made a smaller study.😅

I hope you enjoy the video and if you would like to follow my YouTube journey, make sure to subscribe!😘

Lots of love, inspiration and happy painting,


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